Web Development Tutorial for Beginners (#1) – How to build webpages with HTML, CSS, Javascript

so today we’re going to get into how to do network improvement now I want to draw a quick mark before we get into stuff what’s the difference between web design and web growth and basically web blueprint is more graphic design it means you work with Photoshop you start the look in the feel of the web page and then you give it to a developer they’re going to take your inspection and feel and they’re going to start the actual web page for you the designers don’t tend to get paid as much they don’t tend to have as much opportunity to work remotely I used to be a designer and I moved on to development because it was just a better career to get into so that’s kind of the difference also it’s cheaper to be a web developer you don’t have to buy a thousand dollars worth of Adobe Photoshop software all you need is notepad that’s right notepad except for you’ll probably just wanted to get still better than notepad we are going to be using sublime text which is one of the best notepad kind of writers out there and it’s free so go ahead go download sublime text pause the video come back when you got it fire it up and we’re going to build a web page so what we’re going to do is we’re going to start by creating a new document in sublime verse and saving it as index.html as you see here we’re mostly you can call it whatever you want but the fact that we’re call it flecked HTML means that when we open it up in Chrome it’s going to know that it’s a web page so it’s going to show it as an HTML web page and today we’re going to be discover HTML last-minute we’re going to be memorize CSS which is another skill you need to learn to be a web developer and then later on you’re going to learn JavaScript JavaScript is what HTML is what throws the contents together for your sheet but it’s going to be ugly because it’s just material CSS is what throws together your form it expressed support for cascading cascading style expanses so basically it contributes examination feel and form to your webpage but we’re not going to cover that today so what we’re going to start today is ugly be prepared we’re going to get into style last-minute and then Java Script is function it moves the web page do cool things laden in data real time just like Pinterest does and like Instagram it clears things move around and invigorate Java Script is where things get fun it’s also where you get paid better if you learn HTML CSS you know you get paid fine you must pay normal but if you get really good at JavaScript people are really looking for beings are good at JavaScript you can get paid quite a bit and it’s a lot easier to get remote employ or very flexible work so we know further ado we let’s get into making an HTML page so you’ve saved your index.html now go to Chrome and Open File open your index.html file where you saved it quarry presents localhost because I’m use live reload mostly whatever I type it’s automatically going to refresh over here for me automatically for you you’re going to have to touched save you’re gonna have to come over to Chrome you’re gonna have to pop freshen but I for the sake of this video I’m doing it differently so let’s build an HTML page the core of HTML is calls mostly that’s all there is to HTML is calls a label is basically something surrounded by greater than and less than kind of repeats and so this is an HTML tag and this is a closing HTML tag pardon me if you can hear my baby crying somewhere nature in the background I’m not sure what’s going on out there but I’m sure mommy will take care of it said like a good pa right so here we have HTML opening call HTML closing tag tags are a little awkward to type at first because they use those keys down towards the bottom right that you don’t abuse very often but I promise you’ll come fast very quickly so mostly anything in between these HTML calls is considered within the HTML calls there’s mostly three calls that you’re going to use to create a web page there’s an HTML which wants hey this is my HTML page anything inside of this is considered your web page you’re going to make a head tag which we’ll get into in a little and you’re going to make a body tag whatever’s in the body tag is what your user will see and interact with so I’m going to lay in here hello world and now I have a web page congratulations your network make you’re probably thinking wow this is kind of complicated it’s all this code look substance don’t worry it looks like a foreign speech at first but earnestly within five times you’re going to feel very comfortable there’s only like ten labels perhaps 20 at the most you’re going to use and they’re all tags you just have to remember a different oath still further all we’ve actually done is created three calls we made an HTML tag we put a leader tag with inside of it and we applied a torso tag with inside of it as well and these are considered siblings they’re next to each other I’m too going to add a claim label and inside of the deed I’m going to leant my webpage and I can’t form today my webpage and now you look at the top when you refresh it says my webpage at the top of your web page or your tab so once again the brain is not what the user interacts with this is all reserved for other stuff which is why the designation goes up there and so the body is what the user interacts with and we did hello world-wide and the rest of our precedent we’ll be adding other labels in here so let me show you kind of some other calls this is bold so we’re going to wrap bold or it’s called wrapping it in be labels and now you can see that bold is bold because I wrap it in B which stands for bold e/ m is what we’re going to use for italic and e/ m mostly stands for emphasis it used to be beings would use I it also manipulates but that is not the correct way to do it anymore do not show a prospective employer that because it’s not good so B is for bold e/ m is for italic and then let’s see actually strong I can’t believe I did this strong is what we’re going to use for bold we used to use B and we used to use I and we used to use you for mark but now we use strong for forceful and we use e/ m for italics and we started doing this when we started getting into mobile devices and inventions that is likely to not actually have the capability of yielding fearless or italics and so we needed some other way to let the user know or maybe it’s a screen reader that you should expose it in whatever route you are eligible to so but for the most part strong is always daring e/ m is always italic that’s about all you need to know so we’ve crossed bold and italic now let’s get into a critical tag the a call that makes a hyperlink to another webpage when you click on it so we’re going to make a google comm and guess what it doesn’t “re going away” that’s because it doesn’t know where to go one thing that some tags need is what’s called attributes we’ve characterized an a label but this a tag doesn’t know fairly about itself to know where to go we know what’s inside of it google.com text but we need to know where to go so we’re going to add an href facet you add an facet by do equals and then a pair of excerpts and whatever’s inside of the paraphrases is setting the href so Google com there you go and look magically now I’m underlined and I have that violet emblazon because I’ve been to google.com before and regard I can now go back and forth from google.com to my webpage all like that you’re now a entanglement make it’s awesome so let’s do another label and IMG for idol and this one needs to know what the source of the image is I’ll leave that blank for now and that’s all an idol tag is for the source I’m going to go look something up on Google and let’s just look up an image of Simon Cowell sure everybody enjoys Simon right why not let’s opinion idol I’m going to copy the URL why won’t you let me close I don’t know okay my computer is acting strange punched save and look what i found we go Google commlink and a delightful link to Simon Cowell’s web website see if I can close this there we go so basically that’s your core labels another thing you’ll probably notice is is these are not coming on to brand-new indications like we’ve typed them out at first that doesn’t make sense and it seems very bad but later on you’ll realize it’s very very good how HTML drives is is it does not recognize anything except for how you program it to go so unless you say it with calls it doesn’t know what to do and that’s because these things can get immense or sometimes they’ll get word wrapping like this and it really doesn’t know what to do so it’s not going to make any suspicions for you if you don’t say front breaking which is a br tag it doesn’t boundary disruption so there we go I contributed a br label and now it’s adventurous whoops I want to add another text undermine because right now Simon Cowell’s on the same line as all other friends so I’m going to be are there you go so now we got this is bold line break this is italic Google calm line break and an portrait that’s kind of how you start structuring your webpage and you’re probably thinking this is ugly this doesn’t feel like building a web page but this is about as complicated as HTML gets for real I’m not making it up HTML is not much more complicated than this you just have to remember a few tags a few cases attributes like href and source and that’s about it I can show you a few cases more labels here ul is something you’ll implement a lot that stands for unordered list and inside this you’ll contribute el looks so here I’ve added an Li which stands for line item item 1 entry 2 and now you witness we’ve got our you know I’m going to get rid of mr.Simon nobody likes to see him for very long anyway okay there we go so now we’ve got an unordered directory which by default is just going to display with bullet spots item 1 item 2 you can style these a lot of different ways so you’re going to use the UL a lot anytime you have a list of items you’re going to use a UL with allies inside of it a drop down navigation is a list of items you’ll exploit ul Li an actual navigation includes a list of components you’ll use ul Li a directory of mp3s in forgery mp3 player online you ELLs with allies another thing very similar is OLS and that’s and that is required roster and that really by default is going to spit out amounts for all the items you don’t really use this one very often but it’s helpful to know that it exists we’re almost out of labels candidly folks there’s div labels which you use a lot but we’re not going to show you that’s mostly for styling so we’re going to leave it untouched right now span labels you’ll too use a good part but once again that is for styling so that is about as complicated as HTML gets all you have to do is get pleasant type in calls and you’re pretty much an HTML developer paragraph calls those are important and header labels and then we’ll be done P is for paragraph that’s another way to kind of separate verse let’s say we supplemented this four times it’s starting to get a little messy and I forgot to close these P and H P in a/ P there we go so inside of this section we have this I don’t know what that did right there inside of this section we have a block of textbook for each one and you’ll witness the paragraph automatically kind of formed its own space on either side clauses are usually the method you’re going to want to add fresh direction break-dances usually you don’t want to use the br label like we’re utilize there but it has its purposes as well BR appoints a line break as you can see here and P establishes as fresh paragraph with opening on either side the only other tags are going to use our header labels they start with H will vary depending on how big-hearted you require the header to be you’ll use h1 for the biggest h2 is smaller than that nh3 and so on down to about h6 or so it’ s pretty rare to have headers being in six different sizes you’re probably pretty bad at design if you’re doing that and when it refreshes there “theres going” large-scale not so big-hearted not really big and then we’re down to our regular text so that is HTML design so our next thing we’re going to cover form so you can actually not feel like a impostor developer you get to feel like a real developer in the next one as we start to style our things CSS gets a little more complicated so I’d foster you take a little time represent some attaches utter some different webpages and merely have fun with HTML for a little while before you is advancing and our next one we’re going to time a little bit more advanced HTML and we’re going to do a little bit more style

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