Webinar 1: Onlinemarketing Versicherungsmakler Assekuranzmakler

ok done with online broker marketing welcome to it team you see it in search engine marketing is certainly only a small part of internet marketing but i have this Image chosen because it affects many points and affects many positions who will deal with us this afternoon because realtors online broker marketing means it's all about the internet, of course it's all about that internet and it's about how to use the search engines with the search engines but also work without search engines to find new customers there yes i have already introduced myself thomas koch 0 60 i was born practically a colleague of your own insurance broker insurance specialist i just worked in his department claims department at huk-coburg myself through field staff already seen the white in the eyes of your customers next to a customer back then it's been some time and I'm a 1992 for the kieler provincial in changed to the broker market in the supervisor area and then moved to neubrandenburg in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania to take care of the broker and also and I want to switch to nordstern in 1994 with the colonia has migrated and then merge into the axis i have been a self-employed internet entrepreneur since 2000 to 2007 1997 yes my main focus is internet marketing for insurance brokers but meanwhile i have many other projects with which i have been successful operate internet marketing search engine marketing the picture introduced here again start from here First of all we can ask you the customer flows on your homepage you can really tackle that create that the visitors who endlessly about him on your homepage or have arrived or come as visitors to serve and are too everyone is really keen on their insurance broker offer All customers and visitors on sharp insurance and you are with yours offer a free visitor magnet that is the basic question of where from come because the many visitors you notice a little irony swings there with mine because I firmly believe in it who works in such a way that he is just waiting for customers to come to his homepage come that will overtake this fate the first insurance broker who waited forever for his customers our job or my job today is to show you ideas in a different way can go before I do new reference to the great competition waiting for you on the internet watch them at google 99.9 percent of all queries or search engine queries overflow google and you see private health insurance are 612,000 results that is 612,000 competitors or car insurance companies look at four million 300,000 results for the so-called entry-level savings with which you many We can win customers because we offer them your car and your motor vehicle in order to entrust the trust one also entrusts other things to her see check24 car insurance at the top, comparing this with a little story jan schust who founded check24 here and i still think so I am there today, many many years ago, right at the beginning of 2000 or in 2001 already founded companies that compare with the has been employed by insurance offers and he is not a insurance salesman not an insurance specialist he is marketing specialist and he immediately recognized that the internet was one for him wonderful way is to make money to generate leads that he Sold them dearly when I started in 1997, I was still there someone said to me that they laughed at me, then the internet was already going around to take out insurance because I then have to take out insurance said there watch out that will come because the technical possibility is there and which is used and yes then he came up with this usual one answer mr my customers yes read this dance they all stay with the beer that may be nice numbers, but then you stop with your customers and what it is about the offspring and we'll talk about that again yes the fact remains that today there are only significant financial and personnel expenditure is possible in the front seats to reach search engines i go back to the picture car insurance 4 million dream of 1000 results means in plain language if with your homepage and let it be as great as it is stylish still really be set up according to the latest rules of technology if you on page 20, that's a sample of no value that is completely irrelevant completely uninteresting the first people the people look at the first two pages that means up to 19th place and when you open page 3 be the first to be in 20th place then you won't be any more take into account that is a fact and you can still have the most expensive websites and the only one who comes to your website do everything so great at most the existing customer and possibly yourself because you are with Your online computers then work there so you can forget that with a large amount Personnel expenses may be, but after that no longer so it was 2000 chance was missed the chance to actively move the search engines forward come meanwhile others have managed to be very far ahead and those are the ones that many have operated with millions of effort like check24 you can already see it on television drifting around google analytics let's just start when you know want who is on your homepage burke what is going on that is always the alpha and omega is first that the traffic needs on your homepage before You have to be interested in your offer at all first on your homepage you have to show him who you are interesting the offer that you have it more interesting than other offers and only then will he see them here at a website 1041 sessions 996 users that means there are some a few, namely just under 5.4 percent who then came back and there are most of those who are not on the homepage for the first time on it you can see there are 106 pages position has been clicked and the user is 22 seconds on average stayed on the side he looked at it once interesting not interesting when I interesting pictures from 99 92 2 percent shows that this is actually the case after an average of 22 seconds you noticed that it was not my topic and that's why you left, so the important thing is she need to know how many people come to your homepage and only then will you have also an overview of whether what you spend there for your internet Marketing not maybe thrown out the window, the money is there it google adwords you see down there i typed or above you see I have given private health insurance and there is if it is now completely below, average search queries per month are ten 1260 for subject of private health insurance or comparison and thus different areas there and you will also see the suggested bid for each click you click on wanting to have it on your homepage via google adwords costs you eight 11 euros or five euros 50 in other combinations a so-called conversion rate of three to a maximum of five percent are below fantastic that means you have to have 100 visitors in the case of eight euro 11 numbers on your homepage bring out eight out of 100 visitors at three to five percent three to five new customers come and In fact, the offer is higher because google doesn't give you a lower one a high price per click wants to scare eight euro 11 but it's like a an exchange that pays the most commercial customers first and then less they pay only further down the line and also pay for it unfavorable times that means you don't necessarily have 8 eur 11 is not the absolute price but the relative price that means it have to say how much you want to spend a day and how much you want to spend want to output per click and then of course you will also find visitors to your homepage which, as I said, are expensive fun because then they would also have to offer the offer in the home capable You also have to create the landing page yourself, so that's it but it was almost better to let myself buy or even the offer what I make him namely to perceive the information that you will get from me in a moment, yes meanwhile, smartphones have also taken precedence over pure pc or mac users expired more and more people are searching via smartphone after information one exchanges on twitter one exchanges information via facebook one exchanges information via whatsapp and of course also via youtube, for example the very often here too to be seen and on youtube that you see there it is already like that when me the first video my own first video called insurance broker ins internet posed i have a keel my own film studio with which i work I shoot my own video films that are used by insurance brokers to support them and marketing there was my first video that was fourteenth video the fourteenth like that after four weeks I had 108 calls is clear if the 14 offers are then of course you get quite a lot of clicks on his site meanwhile you are right about 8760 events or results ie 8760 watch videos on the subject insurance broker two things the first is that more and more people or that first is that youtube was bought by google and google of course that's part two in the search results, of course, always happy YouTube results are also included and that in turn means that it is for it is also important to appear on youtube somehow because it is there the likelihood that your offer will also be in the search engines are pretty far ahead i have said this myself video insurance broker independent consultant overview six years ago put on the internet there are 3663 views insurance broker brings money six years ago 5000 people have gone into the piggy bank for six years 5413 people clicked at the bottom is a customer who launched his website three years ago internet made 39 calls which is a clear sign that he put his video on his homepage in his homepage and afterwards only worked by chance then somehow published this page above Right in you 549 results meanwhile insurance broker independent consultant overview was wrong with overview but that's it the number so the smartphone is an important part the next part is that more and more people take out their policies online two million germans take out policies online and that is twice as much as two years ago as well young I think this year is this information and what Seniors 65 and over take out policies online there so often and that in turn means that there is a group in the market and that is at work you definitely have to address the seniors, you think which ones are senior is already on the internet but we see i'm 55 years old Born in 1960 and that means I am a senior because from 50 yes you have to be me It's 90 to be senior with gray temples and with a walking stick at some point it starts to look at your old-age pension so far because at some point the diseases must start that we know from the private health insurance easiest in the last seven years most So about the many cases of health or illness that they are the most expensive customers for private health insurance and this group of over 50 years old is increasingly on the internet and also grows into it internet in that means my topic is the target group so if your target group does not come to you when they are on your homepage to acidify with your homepage then to acidify but the opposite way to customers to target group i don't know if you on the experience as i only made it when you for the take a look at your e-mails today then you will likely find that you are so bombarded with all possible spam on the subject of pkv tariff optimization, i.e.

§ 204 insurance contract law and there it is that there are some companies that have absolutely specialized in this topic and there are Countless insurance brokers and order those on this train jumping up practically which almost destroy this branch or collect customers to take them to the picafort providers for a fee professional understands highly qualified pkv tariff optimization to bring one way for you to earn money is to example to deal with this target group exactly to approach this target group about your stock, for example, if you have a customer base of 123 5000 customers then there are two options either they threw themselves with one with such a landing page that's what someone wants such landing page as you can see below both a one named you can also see a video film on this topic therefore www.eco.de querstrich pkv – the ifo activation then that means that such a page is firstly sent directly as the sender For example, in your e-mail one can be the second is you can send this out actively send to the customer if you say I know old one is over 50 who is 60 70 namely the older you are and the longer you are in pkv, the greater if the savings are two and a half thousand euros, they say on average that is savings for every customer and when you are here, for example here the brand experts gmbh in neu isenburg if you start with the 50 percent take a saved annual premium others take 12 times the monthly premium, that is, an entire annual premium and sometimes even beyond, so you have the option here to earn fees you can go to the customer and you can with such a landing page about the topics on which I regulate I'll talk about your message right away also what have i heard for example someone has turned on specializes in disability insurance for nurse need one or what was the last time I talked to someone who makes professional preventive advice so if necessary patient directives health care power of attorney look up there is also one landingpage www.weg.de fvv 24 direkt.de here deals with one professional provider on the subject of patient directives and power of attorney in such a case perhaps a power of attorney three lines on this subject or in two sentences when you come to the hospital and you don't have one in your wallet emergency service card an emergency fits and there is no indication of who If you would represent we would have a health care proxy for you then you would be in the moment to the burst court to appeal to the competent court and there a nurse appointed a legal clerk for you there you are six months long accordingly without positions form or you no longer produce yours your own decisions and things like that are wonderful to talk about and can also wonderfully advertise and then use such an offer Approaching customers and earning money with it once and of course also to inform customers about other areas that is how it looks today Today one is wired up in a network and soldered suddenly everyone has hundreds from friends and friends and in the end it is so that you don't have to be the all-rounder can who somehow want to collect customers with the watering can but you have to specialize in something somehow you have to network with your target group and their customs use and that in the sports club I know earlier than I started in 1981 have to learn from public service provincial insurance there were all the so-called district commissioners somewhere in the shooting club in the fire brigade somewhere they always had anyone but this group of them is getting smaller and smaller because more and more people seek contact via the internet and via the internet who guide or initiate the next business on the train and that is up to you over via smartphones whatsapp twitter facebook linkedin especially on facebook, yes, of course i will also talk about many of these topics lead and hand in or offer your own seminars, but this is the case with facebook a lot of the latest post something about it that they just have no idea about horse have fallen that they are going sailing that they are not I guess what kind of sport they do where they say look cool, that was and how cool is it when you write about, for example, as a comment have you thought of your accident insurance i will send you a link there can you go on it or do you have yours liability insurance thought here you have a link there you can go on it and all these so-called landing pages So these are pages that don't have to be expensive we offer the company act ii with their system offers to all sectors free landing pages to you can use any division for free as landing page received in the system in the normal basic package you can do everything yourself and you can go to each division as well as with videos are equipped and do something with the appropriate computing tools and then you can also post the email marketing newsletter pages Marketing so like again as I said when the customer you don't come to the customer you have your stock at all or from your stock the email addresses of your customers you have in your in your broker agreement you have the sentence that you can address the customer at any time by e-mail then you need one permission for this you cannot simply say you because the customer is with you is assured she should simply send any e-mails without being asked they must definitely and absolutely send theirs Brokerage you have to add this phrase that you also have to expand who can send newsletters and e-mails and that with accordingly relevant offers and that is the next point then you have namely the sovereignty you were with the decision-making authority contact customers you shouldn't spam him full Don't want him to trash with all sorts of offers because they are just looking need to have a home insurance sale on but when you contact the customer through a customer magazine, for example inform and tell him, dear customer I have a customer magazine here in this customer magazine there are now alarming figures in germany about the increasing number of care cases and look yes cater insurance your consequences of all these things the especially the 50plus generation is more and more affecting and especially theirs children or the generation 50 plus as children of the very not very old die know how to sing a song about what it means children are responsible for their parents and if you have such topics the first time not even big with anything insurance have to do with tackling these issues then you have the sovereignty of opinion and can then discuss topics bonds where the customer might not even have guessed that they were doing something with them as an expert, for example, that also means regionally networking regional issues taking up regional events posting means posting if you publish anything, the situation is there before you have such a landing page and now there is a major fire event on the hunger for your place very close somewhere the alarm signals have syria killed and the fire brigade marched up and suddenly one has found that there was a huge fire i saw this here in kiel I picked it up at the kieler förde and carried on the water On the other side of the Kiel fjord I saw a huge billow of smoke my a video film device caught am there drove there and lo and behold a huge rewe market has torched up to the The foundation walls burned down and I always filmed that made sure that I + I have that rewe sign with somehow in the optics but i felt the fire brigade i got the smoke filmed i filmed it all and made a video film from it for commercial property insurance and also take care of ports on the homepage Of course, look at yourself that means the content of yours personal brand homepage must be geared towards the Customers can, after all, have to be brought to their customers and interested parties and you can't wait and trust it any one of them could so these are the possibilities not to open up your homepage but away from you admittedly, you have to be diligent admittedly, you have to know how to do it, don't be afraid of the front the technology and what else is, just break down the prejudice that the social media are gimmicks for small children this is just as much a fallacy as I was told ten years ago as a broker have who goes on the internet to find out about insurance Advertising is annoying as it was once said before advertising annoying and insurance advertising all the more so that means make yourself through good ones content is popular as a specialist and just don't send it once a week or even more often your customers a newsletter or an e-mail where it says buy me some insurance body top ten to forget so you are out of the business so quickly could not even see one customer side i have already mentioned alarming numbers in Germany care incidences are increasing the subject of care that is now it task april to june if you take a look at my homepage or if you wish, I'll be happy to send it to you such an e-mail announce such a customer magazine on four pages only has it and on these four pages are relevant in this case information on the subject of care needs but they are also different but have other information with this one customer magazine and act he is one of I think 32 I know so definitely another one and me and us and maybe it's another one third of whom I do not know what could be and would not have been warned but in any case there are fewer than a handful of them Making customer magazines for insurance brokers and what usually happens normally your customer receives an invoice from the insurance company once a year it says please transfer it as follows and that's it Contribution statement otherwise you can be seven yourself most likely with your customers and maybe with your customers but deal with their c and d customers who may have a vehicle contract You may have only insured a moped with the wars of them only the contribution statement and that is of course not a special one charming prerequisite that your customer buys something else from you, why also who you are not in the conversation are the same sässen head he thinks about it, but if he does, give him the film on the internet four times a year a customer newspaper then that means for you that you are four times in the year with interesting information with him stand on the threshold without to wave with the request blog or with the pen but you give it to him service they give him services they give him input and the internet the e mail options are wonderfully suitable so that you can do something for free can transport these are four sides that he can easily move again print it out or just read it online and you will have the four times a year possibility to simply say to your customers hey hello i am still there it is nice that you as my customer if you come across one of these topics have any question just give me a call you will find more people calling you the second option is a customer newsletter that means first of all you can use this newsletter once a month the week, however, please do not include the relevant information such as buying you can take out my home insurance in this customer newsletter own information brings in own service own what do i know you drive the vacation you have nine employees you have hired trainees they are considered to have become treasurers in their parish So things have become a community council member that affects you personally yes that's up there now web sales 2.0 is of course our own newsletter but these news that are in there like For example, autumn is there shows to sweep leaves at the end of the day also look at the reasons i just remind you that you should sweep in front of your door you don't want a liability issue do you have a liability issue and we have such a wonderful video about it winter and snow removal for private individuals as well as for businesses in the winter snow removal and we made a film about what it was means really beautiful with drifting snow and they looked after each other the snow shovels and when you sit down there on your backside and that's flat and are not liable for the landowner or that is not part of theirs performance or no meat at all then they stick and there are entrances court judgment deposited the b inferior or behind or the evidence how important the issue is and we don't just need one liability insurance to point out such a topic that is for example something that is definitely feasible and interesting with a newsletter to read if the news is of course interesting then there is possibility of making a public press release to move there are several reasons for one reason is the a press release is of course something let's say in Quotation marks that officially is something you really say wherever you are man here i am in the press you wrote yourself there is you company logo in it or another picture or or or in any case it is like that that you will definitely be able to do so with such a press release times these press releases are represented on the internet with their website they are also taken over from other portals that means they are with yours press release not only at the top pr in this case there is again countless press portals online press portals where you can get a free guide for free You can make an entry there on the topic of your choice, no matter what she always wants you what concerns you or where you have your focus can occupational health insurance is in eight cee is an issue whatever more and more to lead the company medium and small and medium-sized companies and also large like so that these companies look around easy to keep people keeping their skilled workers was of talents that the war of talents broke out a long time ago, namely the war of talents for the baby boomers for the baby boomers where we are baby boomers are slowly coming into their own as they are getting on in years otherwise open to old age for those who are already preparing for retirement which young people with huge opportunities in the market and professionals getting ever scarcer ever scarcer with the consequence that something has to be done so one becomes with private with private supplementary health insurance with company supplementary health insurance company pension plan that is Of course, there is also a topic that you have to owe and the next point is that that is also very important, of course you have the option in to a limited extent regionally also very far ahead in the search engines I'll give a separate seminar for that because I would go beyond this framework for a long time if I were there too only went into more detail the fact is at least when you look in the search engines want to be very far ahead then you need a backlink away to the left 1 back link a backlink is a link from another homepage with a relevant topic on your homepage So that means that practically represents a text on another homepage and In that case I have to tend to this text around your topic, so speak in that case insurance and the link then to your homepage and that in turn means that such a portal is open to 20 30 40 different information other large as well as small brutal automatically forwards with the consequence that each of these links that are in there are so-called backlinks yours is on your homepage and thus your homepage always further forward the same also applies to twitter messages I know everyone says witter such a [ __ ], I don't know what that is anyway and twitter for the americans have a black president for the first time who won his election campaign with twitter that's that it and finally proven there are no two opinions at all barack obama won his presidential election with twitter without twitter he did not become president that is official the next is when you have any messages spread like wildfire and I'll show you something about it exciting tells about twitter why namely twitter for yours target group a very important point is to see what is next links yes I wanted to discuss the subject of backlinks at this point I already made them provide backlinks and then they are in too The search engines come further ahead measurement of success when of course don't know how we see as i am not lazy when I have a little free time and then you don't say you have to if you don't know where you want to go then you don't care because soon it doesn't matter where the compass leads to that means you have to know where you are going want and you have to measure that you have to control because you have to see how a lot of people are on my homepage where is it from and what do i want reach what budget do I want to have and what kind of money With this budget a very important content is just as important important that is basically what I am saying now, the summary of what has been said in the last time namely that it always What matters is that you provide your accounts with exciting interesting information send us what it looks like we our content now also with 1 exactly this type of presentation as you do now experience here personally and that is something other than one powerpoint presentation so we will also be on our website Describing the divisions, that is, having a mini sales talk in the in the respective divisions, exactly those videos are entered that are there for each customer give yourself the opportunity to find out about insurance protection and also make the decision to conclude exactly with the one of the customer is currently on the homepage why is it so interesting information are of course gladly recorded if you click on one by picture and by sound penetrate and be seen then that is almost a 100 percent probability that he will keep that and what he is there has just read and there is a saying that I ask Mr.


Schmitz to say oh what i heard from 30 years liking creates wealth when the customer likes you when the customer likes your offer then he will graduate with them and then of course he likes here too offers and will trust you if you give him the opportunity to get away with you that means you have the opportunity Of course, bringing news into your website yourself, that's our job mandatory so you can either book the news or you can also include your own news and also via newsletter send you see broker videos down there on the left news current report newsletter because you can wear yourself that is everything is included in the offer and the offer starts at 12 euros per month then give video marketing to the broker and you see that the left one of the two pictures below that is this rewe brand on our website and this video is the obligatory one in the video marketing pitfalls in tariff selection you can see on the right side who one would like to conclude private sickness for you should particularly focus on that The small print eighth thanks is then also shown as important it is what i pay attention to mixed healing hospitals like It is important to pay attention to the hospital elevator or what the difference is between body replacement parts and prostheses that are elementary things that you should like to know and the customer should get the feeling that you are a specialist in this field and of course also should be that means you have to find them somehow or they can be found by focusing on your main topics and with these priorities in the manner just mentioned Arriving at the customer and seo also means search engine optimization There is a separate webinar on this topic because it will be here Of course I made a lot of mistakes because it is very, very important if you want to be found in the search engines at all and that's fine difficult enough then of course your homepage has to be be perfectly aligned, that is, both the the the web address must be important from zionism is important it is important that the so-called meta tags so these whole words the keywords after them is searched for and for whom they should be found in connection with your place names that means it must always be your city with purely in your offer present and place new customers via this route to win i have that from my own experience i am too co-managing director wise chairman of the board of the federal association the senior advisor that means we offer insurance brokers the opportunity I was investigating to join this federal association of senior counselors looking for ways to approach seniors somehow i wanted to you gain that you as our partner serve the senior advisors Inquiries, of course, and above all with business because it was turning That's why from 50 you are in the straight line towards old-age provision So never old-age provision his age not retirement 50 then you still have 15 years to go what to do for your retirement that's why i also say generation 50plus because you have to start at 50 so that at 65 you still have a little can get pension and that means if you of course people want to win this way again in the final sprint what to do then it would of course be good to have a senior counselor and in I took a look at this connection what do they need barrier-free living they need Somehow outpatient care services now have the broom household helpers household help I looked at household help like often google searches for household help at all because me determined how 400 590 times every month according to the term household help and keel wanted so foreign aid and keel I then identified these two terms on a number of topics 590 offers then look on the net for what is there for an offer on this subject there was nothing but nothing at all that is the homepage www dot halls hilfe – kiel.de was free after that they were no longer free and I run now, or my partner and I, we now do household help kiel now has five employees and worked for one last year insurance company and we still do that for one insurance company worked the their entire health insurance or Make accident insurance with household help with us practically from us leaves so much on the subject of www what is possible with the internet and this this www means that much beyond what you used to be mouth-to-mouth propaganda had that this is much, much, much faster than today in the past because when a customer recommends him when there is someone who recommends that you really get in touch and then really making an appointment is different than when someone is interested in going into the internet and then immediately finds the offer that works much much faster and thus the offers are over mouth-to-mouth propaganda is of course no longer as successful to be like it used to be than, for example, the children like of course you will be insured with the insurance agent have with which the parents were also insured of course it is crucial as I said after any on which places as I said, the first ten places offer the best Requirements for success if the offer is good but place eleven is place 19 on the second page that is almost impossible But after that, especially since nothing works anymore, you can forget that that there is something and now let's take a quick look at the supplier side how It looks like providers are insurance brokers in the case why is failing or have it very often where is the problem on the one hand there is a lack of internet knowledge it knowledge that you the rules around the internet and there you will be from me then hear more offers that you would like to take advantage of in the course of time there are the unrealistic expectations i know for him or for you on behalf of the market economy whispered that it was only with that you only have to have a homepage with an online computer on it and that Customers who scramble for your offer that is absolutely deep no one came took out insurance just because I have the calculator on your side one more customer on your side and therefore the next one ask where do you start where do you feel where do you start which position and that is why I say as simple just start with us namely if you are our customer what budget I have planned for the year just imagine you have to adjust yourself you stand yourself up and that means for you every hour yours working time has a monetary value what do you earn as a boss what do you put up where is your value so 50 to 100 euros an hour you should gladly accept and if you are with six hours have busy your website then that is less or more better said than paying for yours all year round, for example to operate internet marketing then where does the traffic on yours come from homepage we had already clarified that you have to analyze it so that you can draw conclusions from this, which content do you offer So what kind of interesting content do you need a way to Your own topics or those that you think are for you are lucrative to bring to your customers and prospects How do you compete against 100 against 13,000 daily advertising messages noticeable that is as many as anyone normal average person during the day with advertising and on the way home and school and home and goes to work and so on and where there is one automation of operations where your operation will automate you save time by simply approaching things that have already been prepared grab look at the interested found page interesting target group the 18 to 45 year old people I am then this twitter topic remained guilty that I mentioned five times it's just like that Twitter customers are especially on television many people in the Age group 18 to 45 on the date has become an incredible number of people who look very much like to watch TV and now comes something that you really only know when you are These are the issues that deal with those who make it scary many like to watch tatort or of course let's dance or germany looking for the superstar but look at the crime scene there are also many people looking in who are a little bet and so far also one who are a little better educated what the rest of the target group of the The the twitter user is definitely better educated and have a higher income that is statistically proven and the So during the crime scene, we twitter cheerfully back and forth and into this possibility to straddle in there that is something where you suddenly find this target group reached that has to be handled intelligently Of course, people also have photos that follow you These followers have to be built up beforehand and if they are on google enter the terms twitter and german also on the topic what i have also done so far I've already done it when you enter the terms twitter and german then they will be around 750 million pages, sometimes a billion get pages as an offer and my video my youtube video twitter german that is somehow in place 7 or place eight as the first video for this one topic and now has around 120,000 visitors and clicks on had this side and if you imagine this once also the videos from earlier that showed here totaled around 10,000 and if you have such a video film a marketing worth of two euros Based on fifty, with 10 thousand video clips I have around 25 25,000 euros in advertising and if I now my main youtube twitter german watch video with 130000 at 250 that's quite a lot amount of money the interested party informs himself the search Of course, after good content and about it, they are willing to switch insurance financial products through the anonymity of the internet you and even if it is perhaps a customer of yours in c or d too willing to change that it has also been statistically proven and many find information via smartphones and exchange viral exchanges with them I don't want to say now that over over over whats app or over twitter and facebook now a lively exchange of information for the best Insurance comes but it is the issues that are dealt with where they are With your offer in critical can then either backlinks to get on your table or actually to get customer contacts and you is also increasingly getting information from youtube and twitter, especially youtube is so that it is like its own search engine only with the difference that you can see wonderful videos there on all sorts of topics and also With twitter it is so if you are a twitter customer you will get it from yours follower creates you get an e-mail once a day and it says there what the topics are and what you can do with these topics Sounds like a general question, so how can I work successfully on the internet I think I told you about the main topics and that is about them now only have to decide which of the topics for you or her the topic is and I can only say or ask what success you have had so far with your homepage and you will find out if you keep the same then you have to change the cause you cannot Expect them with the same causes with the same attitude you will achieve different results on the subject of wagner marketing If you don't have any visitors today, only win new customers if you also to break new ground and that means the question that can ask itself and since i like to support you is how you can use your own internet increase activities how many new customers you have so far won where it is so more if you want more you have to win the new one traffic so increase the number of visitors to your homepage and the question is how the price-performance ratio of your homepage is good, we say here in the north nothing will cost technics what does not cost nothing that is no good So you can't expect to generate this endlessly when you get one homepages have nothing to show or simply not tailored to you I have the motto a cheap one homepage is like a cardboard company sign they don't make a voice either you don't want to be sensible in public if you have a cardboard company sign and a homepage has to be tailored to you, that means again the question of how systematically you check your success on the internet with it I almost ended up acting internationally as I said since 1997 active in the market since 2000 as a GmbH and we provide for you as insurance broker broker professional broker homepages for you enable you to go to your customers with the free landing page generator you can build your own landing page for each division and that is done in two minutes in two minutes you have it completely in tutow finished landing page and can be sent immediately with a topic of your choice market situation of your choice it means everything that is not there with us that you can generate yourself or tell us a topic and if it is for everyone other is also interesting then we prepare the insurance broker journal is the free market of the newspaper which is now published every quarter it is automatically booked into the website for the first time in a quarter need to be afraid we just need you to be on your homepage look and then you will also find the insurance broker journal free newsletter system where you pay a lot of money elsewhere tip click yes that costs over 70 euros a month if you have the appropriate packages in addition to 99 euros a month and then there is something like that in the system included and that costs less than a youth newsletter system you always have the latest content, which means you can rely on it that the information is always updated and when you are interested in that I can do for you then just send me one e mail to info at team.de team means action and team spirit that means we want to work with you as an insurance broker as a team this is also called the operational division of labor that means we do things that you would otherwise have to do expensive yourself and you can rely on it focus on core business info techteam de info attack team.de And at this point I would like to say thank you very much for your attention and up soon and we now have exactly four minutes to answer a question or two or as I said, you can send me one more time under info at acting e-mail if there are any questions I can answer yes that's it thank you and see you next time

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