Website Design in High-Context Cultures like China

Although globalization is an inevitable trend, But local websites in different cultures, Still in some manner For example, report proposal and visual layout are different. Let us use an anthropological conception To help us understand some of the differences in this regard. Edward T. Hall A part announced “Context” is introduced. Context describes that in a specific culture, How beings exchange ideas. In a Low-Context culture, when people communicate It endorse a most direct and open approaching. They is often used to express report clearly. such as, They may prefer to email Instead of having a face-to-face video chat. According to Halls theory, Americans and Scandinavians is a matter for Low-context racial types. opposite of this, In the High-Context culture, people pay more attention to The situation of communicating. They will use it more often Richer oral and nonverbal cues, Like gestures and styles of pronunciation, To facilitate communication and explanation. Examples of this high-context culture include China and Japan. But how does this affect web design? Website as a medium, Are important in help authors and users communicate. In high-context cultures, people often expect The message is presented in a highly relevant way, And through a variety of presentation media, To create a meaningful context. In the eye movement research in Beijing, User discusses on the official website of Bose headphones The information is scrapped. One user said, “I hope the information on this website can be more integrated. I swiped the screen several times to see a few scenes. I will not form my acquire decision on this website. ” Let’s kept this website and Huawei TV Compare on, The latter has more details and more information. A customer praised this sheet, Because it is very detailed and comprehensive, And exercised many comparison pictures To demonstrate the characteristics of the product. In a high-context culture, According to Halls theory, People are also easier Notice the subtle evidences in the telecommunications. In our experiment, We posted on users In the comments about the colour of the website and the psychological response it provoked, Found this difference. Compared with consumers in the United District, Chinese users are more active Comments related to their psychological response to the website. For example, The 12 Chinese consumers who served in studies and research was of the view that China Red Cross Foundation website Very concise. But four members of them recollect This website serves as a kindnes website, Not warm and affection enough in visual layout. Two of them even because of the visual designing, Doubt the legitimacy of this website. One customer said, “This is a caring charity, So more red-faced should be used, or more colorful. I think this website is too neutral, And it’s very business. Like a government website, Very indifferent, really official, and awfully formal. It didnt give me that feeling of adoration, Or let me be willing to help them. ” If you are aim a customer in a different culture Produces utilized, Understand cultural divergences and how it might reform user anticipations is crucial ..

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