What Is Article Marketing? For Increase Website Traffic! (4)

hey I just wanted to show you real quick over here at Google the results of submitting I got by the way this morning approval on the e-zine article that I submitted and I wanted to show you here for adobe photoshop help for that exact phrase i am now as you can see here let's say one two three four not counting the videos i am now ranked five for that search term specifically you can see April 27th 2010 I can click on that and you will see here there is my article there's my picture and there are the links to my website okay fantastic and you can see here if I look I mean look at this kelbytraining I'm outranking kelby training for that keyword term and kelby training I don't know if you know this but they are like the site for photoshop I've even got I've got adobe in one instance they're beat out tutorial eyes that's another big site but for that particular term i'm showing up so what that's going to tell me it's very shortly i'm going to start getting traffic from that and i'm going to go ahead and start writing some other garda khals to promote this site and we'll see what we can do

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