Creator Academy YouTube Channel – Hey, I'm Will – and I'm Lauren Today we're going to talk about branded content And how it helps you develop your channel In fact, brands want to work with you True, because you can attract your audience for a certain reason The thing that matters to trademark owners An introduction to branding related content What is trademark related content? When did you make your first deal? How did your audience react? What is branded content? I believe branded content is about association with a brand To create content that is primarily your channel This is a full time job for many content creators It gives you the added security of knowing that you can pay your monthly bills It depends on the brand and what exactly it is asking of you And put your channel from beginning to end And whether you are creating custom content for the brand There are many types of branding and sponsorship integrations I can separate them and create a short interactive video with the tag on Or a video dedicated to the brand For example, I could mention the trademark at the beginning of the video This video has been sponsored by Classic Specs and it's time for me to try new glasses For example, I could cite specific points identified by the brand The "Experience At Home" package is free, offers free returns and free shipping Other creators may prefer to provide custom branded content It's like a recipe you have to prepare and that's hard work You have to prepare ingredients, cook and use the oven I offer verbatim "do it yourself" tutorials sometimes I offer thematic video blogs where I discuss a specific topic Brands make deals with me in order to make a craft using their products This is a natural branding method because I'm presenting this content without its help I presented a literal tutorial with Syfy In it I created a holiday scarf based on Stranger Things Sometimes they give me an idea of ​​a topic to discuss I prefer these ideas because they never end with me so I end these videos with a question – And the crowd is expressing their opinion on it – cool It should be spontaneous – of course If my audience knows that I am reading a text that is trademarked to me – They'll react negatively to the topic – exactly, but if I use a product I liked this product and liked it – Honestly – In an honest way, viewers will automatically like it That they buy this product, it is not necessary for me to ask them to buy it How many subscribers were your channel when you first submitted sponsored content? – I guess I had 7,000 subscribers – Awesome That number is now ten times higher, so there is no need to wait – until the number of subscribers is enormous – of course And in some ways, I feel it's important Brands are represented by creators of smaller channels Because people listen to them – right Perhaps more than others – of course But each channel has its own themes, so the audience becomes part of an exclusive club This is what attracts brands, as their owners like to interact with the atmosphere of sincere enthusiasm I was initially hesitant about submitting sponsored content Because I was afraid my audience would react in a negative way And I was afraid someone would consider me a hypocrite You must be clear in the disclosure statements Because it explains to the audience that you have the support of a brand You want to let them know this and are happy to support them on your channel This is a benefit for everyone To be successful, you must determine the brand's relevance to your channel And if you submit content that you would like to present, or you provide new content that you would like to know about This situation may be better for the public as they can benefit from it as well He is happy when I receive sponsorship offers because he knows this is good for my channel I will be able to provide more content The value that I can offer my audience, for example, if I do deal with a brand And I've got a special promotional code or a coupon code I'm excited about promoting that brand Because my fans could not get these offers from other places Monetization is another driver for creating branded content It's all about partnering and creating content that gets your audience excited And a brand that values ​​this is not treating you on a basis "You have the required fame, we will change the way you work to create an advertisement for our application or something similar." I think you will be able to create better content in the long run If the brand is willing to negotiate with you on the topic of the content Right, it allows me to be myself because that's what drives people to see my work thank you for watching And don't forget to like and subscribe to the Creator Academy channel We continued in Part Two, where we discuss how to find and do deals with brands Summary – create seamless ways to embed the brand Honest use of products – Direct disclosure of cooperation – Choosing the right brands for your channel – Delivering tangible value to your audience _ Finding brands that allow you to act on your own Creator Academy Channel YouTube

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