What Is Responsive Web Design and Why Is It Important? | Lesson 23/31 | SEMrush Academy

when you’re make a portable area you’ve got three choices you can use a dynamic service a separate domain or a responsive design with dynamic serving the server detects the user’s machine type and provides the suitable edition of your site while they’re accessing the same URL the records that are used to display that page will be completely different between the mobile version and the desktop explanation if you use a separate domain you’re frequently setting up your portable website on an MDOT sub domain it’s a completely separate version of your area just like dynamic serving the files are completely separate between desktop and portable editions these methods stir optimization harder you’ve got to do every task multiple times and maintenance is harder because you’ve got so many more documents have participated in accept motif you’ve got a single place with a single copy of each page responsive CSS coding spawns your material fluid so it alters based on the size of the device that’s deeming the sheet SEO is much easier with a accept place more when you’re writing content and optimizing parts on a sheet you simply have to do it formerly google favors and recommends responsive intend you’ve got a single deep-seated of registers with one copy of content and you’re able to serve a great user experience to every customer regardless of the machine that they’re using with the release of the mobile firstly index you should always design your pages for mobile first and then use responsive CSS to change the page and enhance the experience for desktop consumers this is backwards from how most people approach mobile sites typically they design the sheet for desktop useds and then simply assume that they’re responsive system will let the sheet work out on portable extremely you have to think mobile firstly designed for mobile then optimized for portable and then redesign for desktop this will help ensure that you’re paying attention to the mobile user experience which will assist you show up higher in mobile probes

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