What is the Content Marketing Institute? (2016)

almost all companies around the world talk about their products and services at the content marketing is just when you start over they advertise it they try to interrupt anybody that will possibly listen there's got to be a better way our job is to help evolve the practice of content marketing we do it through in-person events webinars research our blog post everything is designed to make the marketer more effective we need to focus on the basic tools of what content marketing is how you can use it effectively as a marketing program and how we can get the culture change started that's needed it's really what content marketing is all about what I'm gonna do is I'm going to create valuable compelling relevant interesting information not only do we help marketers feel proud about the marketing that they're actually creating but we also do a service to consumers by making sure that there's better marketing out there for them I'm talking about things are gonna help you I'm gonna talk about I can live a better life I can think about a different career content in marketing has been around forever content marketing is a repeatable strategic process is really a new muscle for most enterprises so a Content Marketing Institute what we really try to do is focus on how we can create more effective more knowledgeable more creative marketers around the approach of content

basic tools

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