What To Do After Keyword Research? SEO Marketing Content Marketing Tips

After you finished researching keywords, you
will need to build, optimize content around the terms that you choose. When keywords are used appropriately in your
content, you will be able to increase traffic and boost conversions. Here are a few things that you need to do
after you conduct keyword research. One, don't make spammy content. Keywords are a great way to tell Google and
your readers the purpose of your page, but don't overuse keywords in your content.

If you overuse keywords, you will risk making
your content sound unnatural and you could get penalized by search engine. Two, format your content. Use H1, H2, h3, and H4 tags with your keywords
to help search engines understand your content and so your readers can find the information
that they need. Three, make good use of anchor texts. Create internal links between your content
using anchor text that will have descriptive keywords in each of them for your pages that
you were pointing to.

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Building strong links between your content
will help Google and your readers understand your content. Use Your keyword research as a foundation
for your entire content strategy today..

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