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[Music] hello and thanks for checking out my video in today's video I am going to be talking about why video marketing made simple had been so popular till now my name is Richard Murphy and I am from New Zealand so for now just sit back relax and enjoy the video [Music] why video marketing made simple got so popular if you are wondering why video marketing made simple got so popular then you might want to take a look at the topic millions of people worldwide are turning to video as a new form of media and it's finally becoming a legitimate way to market products and services but how does one go about marketing with video video has come a long way in the last few years in fact it is now one of the most popular forms of communication on the web it seems that everyone now has their own reason for using video on their websites there are pros and cons to every marketer and we'll discuss them in this video the pros one of the greatest things about the video as the freedom it allows its users no longer can accompany control the message or the image this is a huge plus for both the video maker and the viewer no longer do you have to worry about other companies trying to dominate your time viewers have to waste watching ads you are able to create a video that would not have been possible before this also means that you have the ability to reach more customers than ever before video also offers a visual element that is missing from the written word it is difficult to quantify this element but it is there and it has been making a big difference the cons the downside to video marketing is that it requires a bit more effort than other types of marketing you do need to have some technical know-how and that means a bit of investment in terms of training coaching and software while it takes less time to produce a video than it does to write an article it still takes a significant amount of time to put together a very successful video that's because of the graphics and pictures need to be properly placed to deliver the message correctly there are lots of images and high-quality cameras these days that don't come cheap another con is that video production is quite expensive even if you have the resources it is still a good idea to start off with small-scale videos to test the waters before moving on to larger productions some of these more technical processes can take hours to create and require lots of steps and planning video production takes a lot of money but that's where the pros and cons often coincide for those who need to produce short videos they offer a unique chance to express themselves many of us could never afford to make television commercials but we are all able to make videos on a budget marketing with video can really improve your business and if you can get it right it can give you a huge advantage over your competitors it also allows you to reach millions of viewers something that other methods simply cannot although most people think of marketing with video as a tool for creating awareness it can also be used to draw new customers to your site it can also be used to promote more elaborate campaigns such as the development of a new product or the launch of a website if you have the time and patience it can be an effective marketing strategy especially if you have an eye for detail and the ability to wait for the learning process to take its course it is important to remember that the benefits of video marketing far outweigh the drawbacks and it is definitely worth a try it can help your business grow faster than any other method why video marketing is so powerful when you think about why video marketing is so powerful you're more likely to consider this it takes much less effort to make a video than it does to write a blog as a result the video is very easy to market to and uses a lot less market tactics than you would use with a blog we are all guilty of writing articles that are not compelling enough for our small audience this happens because we don't really put enough thought into our words this is not only a logical problem to hub but one that can cost you in terms of sales you end up writing fewer but more generic articles which means that your articles are going to be fewer but more generic the second reason video marketing is so powerful as that it is easier to distribute you can quickly distribute your videos by creating a free web page with your company information which includes videos that you can then submit to various places on the Internet this makes your videos more likely to make it to business pages and allow them to perform better this means that you will have a higher chance of your videos being seen the third reason video marketing is so powerful as that it reaches more people when you have a good website and you can use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter you will see a huge impact these social media sites are very popular and they have a high ranking when it comes to search engines because of this you will have more exposure to people who might be interested in what you have to offer there are different reasons that you might want to create videos it may be to explain yourself or it may be to share your knowledge with a friend or two the fourth reason video marketing is so powerful is that it will help your business grow one of the biggest marketing ideas for small businesses as to focus on making an online presence this will help your business to grow and become viral growth which will in turn increase your sales video marketing is one of the best ways to do this finally because video marketing is so powerful it will increase your brand awareness if you have a website that provides you with a steady stream of traffic then your customers are getting to know your brand and are also getting to know you this is a very important part of any business and any brand when people start to associate you with your products and services it will help your brand to grow five reasons why people like video marketing strategies video marketing has been so popular that you've probably heard a lot of people talk about it but a lot of those same people have probably not heard all the reasons why video marketing is the best marketing strategy and why you should learn how to use it to your advantage here are the top three reasons why video marketing benefits you first the first reason why video marketing benefits you is that it allows you to reach a larger audience you see people do not watch the same show every day in fact it is rare that two people watched the same show on the same day so in order to reach a more diverse audience using videos to promote your business as the best way to go if you were a regular TV viewer you would not see your favorite show the next day because people may have taken your place but with video marketing you can always be there to catch the best of the best second video marketing is much more cost effective than radio or TV advertising in addition because of the low cost you can afford to reach more people in the future and use your money for other endeavors finally if you make a mistake with your video campaign you don't have to make the same mistake again you can simply cut and re-edit your video to make it better and improve your chances of success it is also easy to choose the perfect image for your video that means that you will be much more successful in reaching your customers or prospects those are the top three reasons why video marketing benefits you let's get to the bottom line to help you understand why it is important to take your campaign to a wider audience I want to point out that different people like different things therefore you want to understand the psychology of your potential customers to be able to best market to them for this reason there are several companies that offer free online classes for the learning of video marketing because these videos provide more information and insight into the art of video marketing they are more effective for you to make sure that you maximize your effectiveness it would be smart to select a course that provides more resources to enhance your success in order to do this you need to ensure that you make use of research and consultation the right research and consultation will allow you to learn how to market in an effective manner after doing your homework you can easily get to the bottom line what's so trendy about video marketing benefits that everyone went crazy over it let's make a video marketing work for you by understanding why it's so popular and yet so confusing why video marketing made simple by this infographic artist the customer is not happy in my years of making explaining or teaching video marketing I have been disappointed in all the techniques used by amateurs and professionals alike to put together professional video techniques for those of you who do not know video as a video format that has been used since the first movies were shot video marketing has existed from the time it was created and will continue to exist long after its creators are long gone the marketer needs to understand why video marketing made simple this is because there are a number of reasons that video marketing is effective in getting the attention of the viewer to make sense of the data presented below I suggest you learn why some of these are more effective than others the first reason video is effective is that it uses powerful emotions the viewer has to like what the marketer has to say and being effective as what makes video marketing effective the viewer doesn't want to have to follow an advert so being effective is part of the appeal that draws them in powerful emotions however need to be delivered with content that is believable if the viewer is attracted to what is being sold but it does not seem like what they can actually trust they will never pay attention to what the advertiser is trying to sell an unsubstantiated claim will only turn them off but one that is backed up with an argument that is more convincing will have more chance of working it is so much easier to get the full attention of the viewer when the message is presented with compelling visuals a thumbnail should not be overly detailed simple elements will work best visuals make sales and sales to make money keep the subject matter simple make sure that the graphic or photograph is something that the customer can relate to it is better to be able to identify with something that can be captured on camera than something that is simply heard and read decide what type of media choices you want to use for your video there are certain things that you want to keep out of your video as they are sure to turn off the viewer children people with disabilities animals etc if you want to include these make sure that you record everything that the viewer encounters use professional skills and visuals that can be executed properly also consider the length of the video as this is important don't try to hurry things up give the viewers enough time to absorb what you are trying to convey with your video they will most likely not feel that the video has been clearly explained in just a few minutes this is frustrating for both the marketer and the viewer the number one reason why video marketing is too difficult is that it has become a cottage industry you do not have a professional to help you make sense of all the options look to see if the video marketing made a simple article or source offers a free video tutorial see if they have any testimonials it is important to make video marketing make sense and keep the viewers attention if you learn how to use the many tools that are available then you are well on your way to making your own video marketing success story thanks for watching my video about why video marketing made simple had been so popular till now if you got value from watching my video hit the subscribe button below this video well that's about all from me this is Richard Murphy from New Zealand signing off until my next video you [Music]

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