Wie aus Video + Marketing erfolgreiches Videomarketing 2021 wird

Don't make movies. We don't do Arte Ringelpiez with touching or anything like that. We're going to make the videos that make us Bring money or bring customers or bring employees whatever. Hello, my name is Gerald, I am the NEULANDLOTSE from GERUWEB today I want talk about how you do ordinary video video marketing or how normal video Marketing Video Marketing or how of PowerPoint or moving image video marketing or how visual film becomes video marketing.

With video marketing, it's first it doesn't really matter what kind of videos they are. It does matter what kind of marketing activities are associated with the fact that only the bottom line, which is is just to have a video. Making a video online marketing only is simply online marketing. Video marketing will only work when both are working together and I don't mean it a video on an online marketing site. And I don't mean some jerky PowerPoint or motion picture poor quality on an online marketing site. I don't mean a picture film on a website. I will now come to what that is exactly. For all of this to become video marketing, you need three factors. There are the internal factors. Second, the external factors. And third, the technical factors. Which of these factors are what are the internal factors? So, let's start with content, content, content, content, content.

And now it is meant on the one the quality of the content, namely both in terms of content and implementation. And on the other hand, relevance. Most important to me is for sure Relevance, because an extremely relevant video in poor quality is still shared, loved, loved. A video that is irrelevant is possible quality, both in terms of content and so on good as it wants to be, both in terms of content and performance. It does not matter.

So internal factors, high quality, good quality in terms of content to high quality in production. Now I know I can hear people say Ohh no it doesn't matter on the production quality. . Look at this. Yes, pay attention. You are now making substantive top marks. You have top quality. Everything is just right in terms of content. The relevance is correct. You do. Technical Mediocre to so-so. Yes, works fine, but just right to some competitors exactly the same quality content provide quality and relevance of the content like you and just a spark better production quality. That's where it starts, and that's where you turn on the lamp. Now if I have two videos content both convey really exciting that are absolutely relevant. And once PowerPoint presentation and once I had someone with a little light and a good tone to try and get people to understand … … to try to make sense of it. Then the one with the right tone and the better light, is seen more, more often shared, more loved.

Then the quality of production begins to play a role. quality begins to play a role, belongs but up to factor 1, ie z. to the content factors. As I said, relevance to the most important thing to me. Second, the external factors, external factors. What are these? So the Where's the video? So on the website, social media channels. social media channels or what else there is? There are other players such as Vimeo or Daily Motion or anywhere else you can present it. Then very important factor for the external factors is the title and description text. What are the external factors that contribute to video marketing? So does the text, but they are becoming less and less important. So, this is similar to keywords, they used to be more important anime. It's the same with the text on the video. So external factors Description text, title and very important the Thumbnail Preview. Call it what you want. In almost every Portal, where you can upload videos, including in social media, in he, in Instagram, wherever, you can always upload a thumbnail too.

This is a very important external factor to the success of video marketing. And yes, those are the external factors. Then there is the place where it is listed. So let's take the example of someone enters a search query in google and i have actually managed, as we do with some of our clients, that your video will appear in the normal generic search at the top. So someone is looking for products from your customer or from you and then you will have a general search at the top.

Yes, if all video marketing is good and that's just an external factor, where can it be seen? Set to 2 or not at all. Then comes the third is the technical factor. The technical factor is not the camera or the sound or whatever. Yes, that is also part of the Technique, but it is consensus. The technical factors mean one technically absolutely error-free tracing of the data. So now it is getting a bit tralala. You have to come up with it now because a lot of people think I have a homepage or landing page Landing page, there is online marketing I have Google Analytics on it. Piwik, whatever. And I follow the whole thing. It has a Facebook Pixel on it. To-Do You. And now I have a video coming in and then I have video marketing. No, not even what online marketing involves Video is orchid Gol what to do in the video order in what quality is above this camera? It's all completely irrelevant because that's not video marketing. These are online marketing with video, because you can look in Google Analytics okay how many people viewed the page with the video? Can you check how long they are on the Page yes, but that doesn't tell her how long we were on the video.

Because it could be that someone has looked at looked at the whole page for an hour and others who have it in them and only clicked once. Was nothing for him was gone again. Then you should guess at the first, he finished viewing the video, but it wasn't like that with the other one. You think, well he was gone in a minute was gone in a minute. So you have to follow the data in the video, in the video itself. And that is only the challenge that from 20 to 21 can now be solved. In fact, everyone. Anyone who wants to do video marketing, have to solve this and that can only be done with tools.

That is only possible with software. We all know the YouTube brand, know all the analytics from Google. They have now been cut. We can take them with us. We are not allowed to connect the Youtube videos no longer connects to Google Analytics or we cannot retrieve the data. Some really nice [ __ ] said in German, but it just is. We can then look at the YouTube analytics they are also very good, they are very horny when it comes to staying duration in the video and things like that.

But we cannot follow it. We cannot watch videos on YouTube and that's the biggest mistake in the story of the story, because the data remains Google your YouTube only gives us the data they want to give us. Not where someone is from, not where they are going. We also have no way of getting behind to find out if someone who bought something saw our video. No, not directly, not specifically like that, but that's just Video Marketing. If you can't figure out how someone watched a video or that someone who bought has my video watched my video, then it continues. Kind of like other marketing. So I can measure how long someone has been on the website. But I want to know how long someone is in the video. Did she see it? And if I'm not somewhere stupid wiggle photo I use video to do video marketing, but real content to make me real I am going to produce then I also want to produce at the end know which part of the video was then how successful.

And the only way I can do that is if I'm [ __ ] in the video and not suspicious in some way or with a lot of marketing. So please follow in the video the video itself on YouTube. Like I said, we can't do that, but there are a lot of tools that allow us to do that. Have at least some on their own website even a social media, which is really cool and the way and the number of it data we get there is of course also different.

Depends a bit on the money. Let's start at the top like this. Dooley is pretty much the most amazing instrument. There is also a small, small budget. Is something wrong? Filtering starts at $ 9 per month. Sounds good now, but frankly. almost any free one of the others can do better because there you are just YouTube and Facebook analysis with and they probably get that from the APIs, which means nothing more than that in their tools they use the Analysis data from Facebook in Zieht's and Google Analytics that offer there.

So assumed on this $ 9. they also provide you with a Market Intelligence I would now doubt that the so really adds to the price, because the next bigger price, where this medium Lida Board which then starts at four hundred and nine ninety bucks like that and that's when and that's when it gets really fun. Then the music comes in well. Then suddenly all Social media platforms can be tracked regardless of where the video is acted.

There are benchmarks for growth. Suggestions are made, categories, then geography, which is where it is. And so on and so it was right then a lot of analysis data in there that is really important, valuable. However, when I turn around $ 500 it will be a bit more for that anyway larger Brians, so for the real brands. And that's when I find the Brant The intelligence of people like Buli more interesting, because there it goes from 1 000 Dollar and but then there is also the content strategies and that's where the artificial intelligence like YouTube is right to say Watch this, do a little bit more of this, do a little bit more of this.

All media planning and management is then in a system that's pretty cool. If you really win with the video its customers, that's really great. The next best solution would be what a lot of people already use or a lot even if you know you would know so with Vista it looks like this. We have a Free to Pro Advanced say, which costs nothing, but the friend goes then move on to three videos I can send there. And then you know Yes, fire on the player.

That's the first thing that might annoy some people. might be annoying, but which is much more stupid. You will not have all the analyzes. You will not have all the analyzes. So for 0 Christians the Analysis is not with you. The analyzes start problems, the is then 65 euros per month. In return, you get 10 videos that you can use for knowledge. It shouldn't be the mass of 10 videos is usually enough because you. The point is, you use the videos that make you a sale, so that actually bring in new customers or if you want. Recruitment that will bring you employees. So anyway, videos with a specific Target, which I say on a real one Camp this line the visual film yes Please note that the visual film is video as well Marketing, then maybe one more Videos Sales Video, than a recruiting video and maybe even the company's. Video was an imagined added value, so 4 5 6 pieces more in no way.

You shouldn't tear down the YouTube Kanaalslam in it. It doesn't make any sense either. They better stay on YouTube. Things because one of the content marketing But invested can you miraculously or with the list yes you can do great video marketing where you can get real video files. And do you know what else is fun? What I want you to lie is no longer really great. Indeed a b-test. Now everyone tells Beto that on my Web page I also say yes, but for the whole page or for the entire landing page what a landing page. There is a video about it.

cellular telephone

Now Abi makes test now then late. But first, whenever the thing is new. So speak for Google too, these are different pages, because the URL of the video is different. But if you offer a real video he will load a video of it. video with the same. Ooh. But, you know, he will provide the A and the B, and then he wins the data. And then you know afterwards which of these videos is better. And you can adapt there. Either just the preview image before it would be the greatest thing in the world to begin with, if you're really, say, 500,000 you sent people to the video and you have diabetes with the Zambia. But the preview, you will immediately see what percentage of that is velvet.

love and then you just take the punct and then you go to the next Get in and say okay how far have I looked at it? And then there's something where you say okay sometimes a few jump off, then you make a variation. You can, but you know. Unlike YouTube videos replace replaces that so strict with one with an altered place just above. Then you've offered where only the place where they usually jump off, when you realize, okay, now they stay longer in the video. Yes, you are right. So you can run real content against each other and know what brings you more customers in the end or more employees.

Or conversion conversion conversion. That's the point. We don't make movies, we make no ATE Ringelpiez with touch or something. We're going to make the videos that make us bring money or bring customers or bring employees. Whatever. And yes, even that way the corporate video marketing, I'll get back to you. Well, for me it is. with the videos, even though I do so much, I don't get the customers directly. my customer process previously worked like this on one side Good because I just did this. I've been doing this for as long as I can remember. On the other hand, social selling. That works pretty well in that area too. And that's why I don't have to have to have this Abie test before Videos and at Visir you can use 10 videos for 65 euros. 10 videos is cool enough for me, but I don't need this. About the other things, I have to. I need the analysis. I need to be able to track, track conversions. So who bought or to what minute second when I watched someone's videos who bought and then I am Then I came across a new tool or are relatively new.

Can you look here? Put a link in it, it loses Link. You can just as easily use 10 videos. You can also analyze when they jumped off or do analysis. You can actually Google Analytics idea. You can embed Facebook Pixel. Really all the power that in online marketing you can watch the video. Install it and the whole thing for $ 25. So instead of $ 65 for Vista. you're on 25 dollars. That's interesting then. So 10 videos with 50 gigabytes. Well, that's not supposed to be 2 hours worth of videos. The 50 gigabytes are fast and it costs extra. But as a rule. a long, long time. And what they did. That is more decisive for me. Then I can see how long it'll take you and that thing has … still a great feature. And that's just when someone presses pause. Can you put a plate once so that a JPEG, any picture say, "Look at BCD. Or maybe you have or is it just going to take a break? Or do you want to go? Then you better do this and this. Well, [ __ ] it! But you can also use data form.

So if someone presses pause. he clicks on Subscribe now to our newsletter warm and I can send it directly in the Enter video address. So in the video, not under it. below it, not above it. The one next to it in the video itself. That's quite radical, isn't it? But what's even more awesome. You can then as I said at the break or even at the End you can say Look here. You can now go directly to our store you can do that directly and landside, which means you have the People call for action elsewhere, too.

It's just thrilling in the end. You can also stop in the middle and can you say okay, we'll see then. you will have to Enter e-mail address for newsletter, then you can see it further. I wouldn't do it that way because is not inbound marketing. but you can. So that's so many options, for the money … absolutely fine. For me it is enough if you are natural like said diabetes, then you know and come back to the movie, because a lot of my clients say movie films, yes, we want to make ourselves look good. Yes, but with an instrument like this, you can now measure how successfully the video has been received. So not with these people. Not how many people saw that or how many of your favorite customers do. Your movie was great, pat on the back. Shoulder yes, no, but really, the way people voted with their feet.

So where did they Watched a movie or how long did they stay in the movie? Otherwise you don't have much of a chance. So of course it works if you have similar material. So we now have this at Techno Composite, for example. We do have a YouTube channel. we do, we do videos regularly. And that's when we find out that actually the picture movie one is one of the most popular videos. As for the preview time, it is, of course, clear. We put a lot more effort into it. So we are dealing with production content with Breen Schmalzl. We've worked on it a lot more, to really knock this thing out to really get this thing to a high level. And now it appears that it is worthwhile compared to the Youtube videos. But how does it relate now to another image film or to your own video production? Or compared to the other Sells Letter or to the newsletter such as Can you really do that? With tools like these, you can say, how many people who have seen the film but not motivated in Düsseldorf we bought and contacted how many people who I have subscribed to your newsletter, but not seen to the extent So, and then suddenly Cristo has weighting, what makes your customers tick and what you could offer them better.

You can see how long they have been on the screen when they hit the pause button. pause. So a corporate video that costs a lot suddenly becomes a real one marketing tool, and that makes it even more valuable to me. So yes or no an image film, which can quickly cost 8 or 12 or 15,000 euros, when done right, it suddenly becomes measurable. And then suddenly I have data. So I get a lot more use than just the pure film, which definitely looks good. But I have a greater use, and I do now only offer it to my customers when their image movies, to say right away Okay, we want to measure behind it too, right? And see what comes of it.

Of course it's not on YouTube, that's for sure. Such measurement systems, which are based in part either on the website, the film has and it measures what pulse the pulse. Is that good? These are therefore the in social media Can use the whole thing, so measure it too or you can send it from there … from there. But it is different. Since you have to see which tool you want used and not all allow that for everything.

Like I said, the biggest, like you Li, on the largest Account Abts $ 000. You can measure anything you want there. But it is also a lot of money so, you just have to think about it. with the videos to gain customers. But there's nothing wrong with taking this entry-level thing, measure with it and then realize, yeah, okay, video is really important to our customers because I have the Maes To determine the possibilities.

Yes, the conversion rate in the video is extremely high. If I make it by then, yes. I know the expensive video tool from like you li that can be worth it to us because we have better grades, have better data. So that would also be a consideration, you should know for yourself. I just wanted to clarify what video marketing is. Video Marketing is that it is not enough to say I'm doing a little video and someone is doing a little thing Marketing on the website or vice versa. I have a website this marketing optimized, and I'll pop and I'll just show some videos. It will be fine because it is always so that quality wins in the end that means contradiction. Quality wins, but for one, it wins in the end. If I have the same power. always the popular and better and more successful, which is a tad better. Both in terms of content and Both quality and speed and House binds Thy. That means that all factors play a role. And when one arrives, it says video quality doesn't matter.

No, she is not. If I only have bad videos then yes. the video quality doesn't matter unless not one makes it a little better. If I have bad content. the content doesn't matter unless someone creates a little better content. If I have all bad usability doesn't matter, as long as no one understands. And I've always been telling people since one that somehow shows the way. that delivers better quality, delivers better content, delivers better usability, delivers whatever is best. Just pop the level, the you can afford and can bring the NE. There is no point in taking a loan to take out a loan for 1 000 euros the fire the fire internist can afford.

If the video was taken cell phone. There is no point or little, because I did and four weeks later, there is one of the same quality. Makes a great christening name with a right camera and right Thiam and can I bring my thousand euros … and shove it up my ass because nobody hangs out with me anymore, they are all on the other videos. Now one or the other must too where the journey in video marketing goes in video marketing. Well, I just came up with it because you may have used video analytics. There are other systems. We're just talking about marketing. After all, there are people who declassify, people's movements, faces. and that's all that still flows into it. Someday, yes, if we can get the one an exchange of video, we have made the video conferences stronger. And there is analysis software. There is much more to come. So if you think video is already exhausted, I laugh myself to death. I laugh like hell.

Because everything in print, is now on the web. slowly exhausted with websites, with social media et cetera pp. Still pictures for a long time, but Video only starts now. So all this analysis is possible in the videos. This is still in its infancy. As artificial intelligence it still continues and it really does if we can measure eye contact, for instance. at some point that you can see who has looked where, because you can eg also with some tools even with the easiest to do now some sort of hick card. It's not yet where in the video was viewed, but which one is which was watched in the video, and maybe later.

The where seen. Who knows. Like I said, video is so early like e-mobility, for example, all the people who are now in the automotive industry on the road and have to switch to e-mobility. Yes, immunity is still in its infancy. And now my video marketing can we do something, it's still early. Now what about the topic of video marketing I hope I have been able to give her some clarification.

If so, leave your thumbs there somehow. Leave a comment If you have a question, always put it in the comment, whatever. I will answer everything, and otherwise. it would be nice if you subscribed to the channel. And if you don't want to miss the following Video you don't want to miss. 2 Very regularly I am afraid I will not be able to do that. Then ring the bell, because a Kristol Message when there is video again. I will see you soon. First of all, thank you, yo.

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