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We’re going to be using Pencil from the PencilProject, which is a free open generator tool for prototyping and doing wireframes. A wireframe is a way of logically planningwhere factors are going to go in your web page or your app or on a tablet. And they are very useful. Now when you’re doing your wireframe, it’simportant to remember that it’s really intended as a placement tool. It’s usually done all in gray scale exceptfor connections, who the hell is off-color because it’s like a plan on a house.Which will tell you where your kitchen is, where the window is, where the fridge is, how long the bars are but typicallywon’t tell you whether you’re using the yearn finish or the maple finish or what color you’repainting the walls. We’re not really get into the dyes here. We’re just getting into placement of itemson the page. So you can go to pencil.evolus.vn and youcan download it, and you can download it as a free sit planned or as a tool whichyou can drag in to a web page and it will add to Firefox if you want to add it intohere.So it can work either way. Now make sure you’re saving frequently. Peculiarly before you go and try to publishit because if you don’t it will shut and you’ll exert all that is you did. Voice of event here. So I’m going to start by creating a new page. And you just wanted to do that the first time becauseyou miss it to be a normal web page size or a large web page size. Either one of these is fine. And then I’m going to often do a backgroundcolor which I’m going to generally construct pitch-black because it exactly indicates where the page is. And then I’m going to put in my sheet title, which I will just call sample. Actually I don’t want this to Large Web Page, I judge I’m going to do a Normal Web Page. OK, then I’m going to start adding thingsto it and you can use the common contours but it really doesn’t have everything that youneed.The one implement define that’s going to have everythingthat it is necessary to is actually the Sketchy GUI. This is everything you’re going to need. And I typically begins with a container and I’m goingto set the width here to 30 for the y coordinate, 5 for the x. Not 50, 5. And I like to make it 960 wide and well say7 00 long. Let’s see what that does. We’ll say 720. And so that’s just the area that I’m goingto have. This represents my sheet. I’m going to set the sheet colour to mediumgray and this is just how I’m going to set up my div calls. So it’s easy to see. I’m going to use a really standard layoutfor div tags here. And again I can go in now and I can specify thisup exactly the course that I miss it and put in the numbers, which I’m making it go allthe way across.And I’m going to set it up to 120 in thicknes. OK, so that’s where my header will go. And then I’m frequently going to put in a sidebar for my sailing if I choose to use that layout. Normally you’re going to use a one, two orthree tower layout, with or without header and footer. So this will represent my navigation. Local sailing on the side now. And when I restate this into a actual webpage, frequently you’re not going to see this gray “re coming” behind it because usuallyit will be the same color. This is just helping me contrive how big-hearted my divtags get to be. Because I can actually go and grab how manypixels these are planned on the pixel position, which is really nice. And then I’ll throw in potentially a footer. That a bit smaller, drop it in here, and thiswould be one very common layout. We’ll aim the x to 30, that to 960 and makeit go all the way across. And so there we have my standard header, leftcolumn, main arena, footer layout.This is not the only layout that’s availableby any means. But it’s a really common one. And then what I like to do is select the wholething, and you can try to drag a casket around it all. It’s easy to miss a part so Ctrl A or CommandA, if you’re on a Mac. And then lock these backgrounds because I’mjust going to add trash on top of them. Then I’m going to start adding content. And I’ll typically lay in regional navigationon the left-hand side. And I will do some kind of site refer up at the top, and you can change the font. I know it’s Comic Sans, the foe of all gooddesigners. But since it’s supposed to be a sketchy feelit’s sort of why they use it. You can keep going bigger and if you don’tlike it you can change it to something else.But “its certainly true it is” not where we’re pickingthe typeface. This is supposed to look sort of hand sketched. And then I would put in my, I have a logo, I can represent that by becoming here. You’ll be pointed out that if I were to re-size it. Sizes alteration, which is nice. You might have a spot for people to log inand then you would lend a button to that. You can also do top level navigation up here. Don’t need to do that. OK, you can use the button. Pull it out. You can be utilized your arrow keys on your keyboardas well to move things around. Now when you’re doing these, this representsnavigation but you shouldn’t left open all saying button. You would say things like Home, Products, Specials, About. Gizmos, Widget, Thing-a-ma-bob. All of those truly technical terms. And then you can placed representations of whatyour page would look like.So perhaps if it’s a concoction sheet, you mighthave images , notice I can merely facsimile and paste. Couple of them here. So I might have a produces sheet and then Iwould typically separate these with indications. We can reproduce, past that. And then I are generally have, perhaps puta meat morsel up now. They often have descriptions, Gizmo 1. And typically we can represent it if we wantedto, this would be like h1 label. So a little bit bigger. Possibly bold.Gizmo 1, Gizmo 2, Gizmo 3. That time represents the label. And then frequently to represent text you justdrop dense arguments because we don’t want to worry about what it’s saying. I’m going to make it relatively thick, forgery, paste, glue, adhesive, adhesive. And I can represent paragraph text just likethat. And frequently it’s better if the ends aren’tcompletely even because generally paragraphs are left aligned. And then if I want to reuse that I could groupit, copy it and glue in, paste.And there I run, I’ve got my section on eachproduct and then I can put in a little of trash here at the bottom. Typically I would have links down here thatgenerally echo buttons up at the top as far as the content you have. And you should make this real content. Such as Home, Products, Specials, About, andyou exactly doubled sound and nature Residence, Concoctions, Specials, and About. And there “theres going”. I’ve got a basic wireframe done. At this place I should save this, and I’mjust going to save it on my desktop as “sample” and then I could reproduce this by duplicatingthe sheet and changeable many parts on now to make it represent brand-new pages.Now to exportation it, I don’t recommend usingthe pdf. It’s just, it’s being a nightmare tying toget it to work. It demands a template, that doesn’t work andmakes everything distorted, so don’t do this. What yo just wanted to often do is png documents. And all sheets. You could uncheck, If you merely missed specificpages, you could uncheck specific ones. So we’ll simply do one samples page. Hit Next.Choose destination. I’m going to Browse, I’m going to drop iton my desktop and I’m going to thumped Finish. And so it will export it with these sheet namesup now. So now if I go to my sheet, I should picture sampleright here. I have a nice picture of the wireframe thatI did. This is what you’re going to hand in on Canvas ..

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