Workshop Your Way Through the Web Design Process: Introduction

hi kinfolks and therefore welcomed our trend of labor browsing your space through the web design process in this video we’re going to look at how to workshop your initial kickoff satisfy but before we get into that let’s begin with a fundamental question what’s so great about extending a workshop after all they can feel like a waste of time if you already have a clear vision of what it is that you need to build charlie talking to a lot of stakeholders has the potential of just d fence the whole process and in particular your see for it unfortunately projects are rarely like that it’s unusual for you to have all the information you need upfront even if you do the lucks are that you’ve only got a single perspective on things without involving with all the stakeholders you can easily find a project grinding to the hole a hole later in the process because some key stakeholder or the other sheds a spanner in the works shops are a great way of flushing out these issues and ensuring that there are no annoying surprises clients like seminars very it’s a chance for them to express their opinions and and it helps them feel locked and the more engaged somebody is in the process the more they feel that the resulting website is there’s not just yours and the more possession they have over it the less likely they are to reject it in other words if parties are involved in the creation process you’re going to have less questions coming their sanction later on workshops too accommodate an excellent opportunity to get to know the client meeting with them face-to-face and working on a problem together cures establish such relationships this sacrifices the client a chance to see that you’re the expert that they can trust you and that in turn makes it less likely they’ll rebuff your notions workshops also allow you to educate the client one of the biggest problems faced by most web campaigns is the clients prepare bad decisions at key times in the process and that’s because the clients ill-equipped to attain these kinds of decisions but by including the client in the creation process through shops you’ve got an opportunity to educate them on the way that means they’re going to understand the direction that has been mounted because they were involved in setting it eventually and most importantly seminars can lead to better websites creating a great website asks many penalizes from across the organization it needs developers and decorators applauding writers and purveyors customer service staff and business professionals and oh so many more it’s arrogant to think that we could do all of this ourselves but Paul of those people in the area working together through the problem and it’s going to result in a much more effective website now I know what you’re thinking this all sounds good in theory but when you tried running a workshop it was a bit of a disaster well that’s what this course is about is about teaching you how to run better workshops to search ensure most successful projects take for example the most common workshop of all the one that most of us as web designers do the outset gratify this is one of the most important sessions that you will hold in a project and more often it can feel like a waste of time nothing more than a meet and greet session in fact run dry a good commencement fill can transform your is planning to do that you need to know three things you need to know who’s should be there what your objectives are for the confront and what questions you need to answer so let let’s look at each of these in turn the most important thing about a outset see is to get the right people in the chamber and there are basically two types of beings that need to be in attendance there are those with the capability and then there are those that know the user instead many outset powwows are just the manager responsible for running the project and often they’re not the best person genuinely to have their as they don’t have the eventual sign of and they don’t definitely understand what users need it’s really important that you ensure anyone who has the say over the approval of the project is in the room even if that includes somebody like the managing director but don’t stop there those shaping the final decision are often out of contacts with what patrons actually crave so it is necessary to some frontline organization there two people who answer user questions and deal with them on a regular basis with the right people in the apartment you then can go about deciding what your objectives are for the meeting you see if you don’t have clear objectives for your commencement satisfy the fit will promptly devolve into some pleasantries invade discussion about development projects you need to know what you’re trying to achieve first and foremost a outset confront is about setting expectancies the hazards are most of the people in the room are not going to be very familiar with how websites are built and you need to explain the basics to them first you need to explain what their capacity is I tend to focus the client on business objectives and user needs I explained to them that their chore is to make sure the website that is produced meets the needs of the business and of the user my job on the other hand is to worry about how that is done in other words if they learn a problem I encourages them to express their own problems and not to try and come up with a answer I inhibit details from telling me for example to change the shade to pink that’s the mixture instead I encourage them to express the underlying problem in terms of a user need or a business objective for example I’m worried that our preteen daughter public won’t like the blue it’s then my job to find the most appropriate solution for example instead of using pink I might decide to use more unicorns or ponies or whatever it is that jolly girls like give expectancies is too about justifying to the client what’s going to happen in the process explaining your process is an excellent way of reassuring the client that that you’re in control of this and you’ve done it before it’s your opportunity to emphasize that you’re the panel of experts but it’s also an opportunity to emphasize the milestones that the client is going to be responsible for things like delivering 110 but retain you’re too trying to build a rapport with the client in these meetings so you don’t want it to sound like you’re laying down the law instead help them to understand what is going to happen keep the gather lightweight and conversational and if possible fun you have to work with these beings over a long period of time and so you want them to go away liking you it’s going to make it a lot easier further down the line if they like you as a person they’re going to stick with you even when things get a bit rocky now the prime direction you can meet your buyers like you is simply by being enthusiastic about their activity demonstrating that you care the last thing you crave from a commencement see is to answer some very basic questions in particular you want to better understand their business objectives and their target audience now we’re going to be looking at that in more detail in a last-minute video and it’s looking at how to obtain that kind of information but from now just bear in mind that it’s important information that you have to gather if you’re going to avoid surprises further down the line talking of surprises make sure that you talk to them about any other relevant projects that might be impacting your work it’s surprising how often a company might be buying a content control method at the same time is working with you or going through a rebranding process lastly talking about the subject of branding make sure that you have any style guide information or any examples of print material that they have numerous blueprint programmes come to a stall because soul neglected to mention the very strict guidelines that the company works within when it comes to the design now I’ve submerge a lot of ground in this video and we’ll be digging into some of the details that I’ve skipped over in a last-minute lesson but for now I just wanted to leave you with a single takeaway workshops lead to better websites our fondnes is to work in isolation and restraint the involvement we’re afraid of what will happen if they get involved but in the long term this is damaging it alienates the client and leads to surprises last-minute in the process and shatters the quality of the final result of course the big question is how do you go about passing a good workshop and that’s going to be special topics for our next lesson but until then thanks for watching

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