WYSIWYG Web Builder. 5 Tips for better web design #2 (English CC)

5 tips-off to improve your entanglement intends Sporadically update your application !! Every time a new application is released it may contain certainerrors. One of the best rehearses is to always have our systemupdated with the latest updates , is not merely does it correctthese corrects but it can also add new features.In WYSIWYG Web Builder we have two ways to update .. one manually and theother semi-manual. To discover which form we are using, we go to the “help” menu section and in “about”we will find that it runs with the 64 -bit version .. One of the mostrecommended since .. with 64 flakes it would be using all the hardware potential ofour equipment and version 16.0.0 There is a way that we can also see ifthere is any brand-new revise In “help” “check for updates”in this way if there is any minor change it will show it to us now .. We are going to see the two modes to updatewe click on the link .. and we go directly to thedownload page .. We examine the appointment now and wealso see that we can download the two editions .. depending on 32 or 64 bitsIn my subject as I run 64 parts .. I click on it .. and tell the download begin. Once it has been downloaded we are going toproceed to close WYSIWYG Web Builder … it must becompletely closed and we install it .. Surely in “Windows 10 ” protect thiscontent so I told him we … range regardles .. and carried out with the facility Well .. now returning to the help menu”About” we have installed .. running the last version.Now what we are going to do .. the same but manually.We go to the official forum .. in this forum we are going to go to”news…..” the first item .. once “were here” .. we go to the endwe pick 32 or 64 chips again Its ready .. we are going to locate theWYSIWYG Web Builder registers . . open the file orientation .. and oust the oneswe already have .. with the brand-new ones in this way we are manuallyupdating the system !!. Links to download filesUndoubtedly, WYSIWYG Web Builder is one of themost complete website development implements on world markets … it truly has manyfeatures and within each one it has many more boasts !! To create a button that has a link instantly to afile .. we can create it in several modes … from the assemble ensure .. we find the button .. recruiting it we find .. at the top the “link”tab .. we indicate that this type of link It will be a File and we give thelocation .. The same when we want an likenes to be adownload button Entering the persona we have a link .. again File and we give the location of that File There are others that are usually more representative as in “icon font” we find the arrow Demonstrates the download .. the link invoice .. File and thelocation .. I generally use .. tocreate a button .. a “Shape” It has many shapes and in eachone we can create the links .. We are going to generate a button .. I remove the color .. I am going to leave exclusively one .. redwhen the mouse is positioned above that is black .. the link text .. I am going to enter ablack background . . to be able to read the textbook .. colored grey and the mythology says .. “Click to download”It is ready .. and now we are going to enter the link .. the link is to a folder I give the location and to make it “responsive” the css3 format .. once it is willing to I enter itPreview and at the moment of clicking it it would be .. downloading the enter! Flags of “calls to action” The “Call to Action”are those very representative banners that persuasion us to click on them.They are calls that come from Marketing .. that are relevant to any type of design.whose purpose is to make an immediate sale or an immediate response from thevisitor … to get in touch for more information … or as mentioned above: to make a sale.In WYSIWYG Web Builder we can find it easily. It invites you to learn more aboutversion 16 with its new features and improvements.In the final partwe also find another “call to action” in which they indicate that if youbuy it now for a “limited time” you will have a 40% discount.The same happens with many websites .. Adidashere we have a very strong yellow color .. with a black textbook so that it catches your attentiondirectly and you get a 15% rebate .. The same in Gucciwith a button to buy and in other websites .. taking advantage ofthis opportunity on moms epoch .. These are highly recommended “call to action” to applyon all websites In WYSIWYG Web Builder We can create in avery simple way using the “layout grid” a Layout Grid divided into twoparts .. With a paddin and a button, flex casket .. with a background colorand the most important thing now .. are the texts that are going to includeThey should be brief .. fast and very direct .. Quick answers in 24 hours !!! Call me now !!! By booking now you will get a5 0% reject .. I require it now! Problems with your pipings? !!! accessible 24 hours aday .. 7 days a week It can also be used withouta red pigment or a black colour with a white-hot colorthe idea is to attract the attention of your pilgrim and prepare them dared toclick on that button !!! Use “Color Palette” according to thewebsite One of the fundamental aspects whendeveloping a new website is to take into account the emblazons that we are going to applythese colours must follow a agree … A accord with each of thecontents … and with each one of the sections .. Many times this stray of shades is totally related tothe logo of the company !, in this case being a logo with a pitch-black dye .. bordeaux and a grey background .. spawns most of the content of this websitebe based on these same hues that is in tune with these colors .. therefore .. being color bordeaux and white-hot background we see that white textis being implemented .. with black .. bordeaux with grey .. white background .. straddle of black .. “were having” the strong gray and the different tones and the texts with thesame color of the motto !. This is the way to create a website intune and that each of its parts .. of its sections .. of its pagesis pleasant in the eyes of the subscribers. How do we compose this WYSIWYG Web Builder? in a very simple way .. the coloring palette is included natively .. we go to the “page” menu and we have “Theme colors”we can see the complexion palette previously caused .. Pre-designed .. with the complexions thatthey will be in tune .. according to the website .. But when using it .. we have to go to the menu “file” “options”user interface .. and where it demonstrates Use Theme Color .. we enter YES We admit and we are going to makea try before … I am going to add a text .. we see that it has .. this reach of emblazons but now what I am going to do ischange it for another one that has a off-color dye .. Bluish green and now I register again .. I have the series of pigments with off-color and light-green .. What does it reveal to us as decorators ?.. That if we use any of these colorings indistinctly .. we will be in tune .. our website will have acomplete tune .. We can change for another .. color .. red orange .. and here again we visualize differentcolors but all following one same wander .. It is worth mentioning that .. we can also originate our own ranges.We go to the menu .. “Page” again .. “Theme colors”and we are going to create a new one .. below we lend a representativename and we can change as each one wants. When we want to delete the palette..right click on it .. delete or edit itThis is the way to create complexions with a reallyamazing tune use .. WYSIWYG Web Builder .. Make a backup withpassword for your activities !! We all is a well-known fact that coincidences happen … computer unforeseen events often happen and we have to be prepared! We can create a accomplish backup each time we publish ourwebsite and also supplemented a password to be able to upload thisproject to the web server and have a backup elsewhere.We go to the options file menu .. backup .. and in the “server backup” sectionwe must decide whether or not to create a backup..Create a backup only of the record whose postponement is. wbsor a ended backup of such projects in ZIP formats.When one decides onlythe. wbs…What we are doing is simply to defend the WYSIWYG Web Builderfile but NOT the content … nor the epitomes … merely the structure … only what we have created . . I use the full backup of the project in zip format, thus’m making a full backup .. absolutely everything .. epitomes .. certificates .. organization .. all .. And We too compute a password … very important..if we want to upload it last-minute to the web server..and encryptionThe best is 256 flecks The strongest to date.When we are going to publish it we see that it already includes it .. Make a ended backup of such projects in zip format When publishing it .. in addition to the entirewebsite to be able to upload it it will be a backup ofthe project and its content .. We are going to verify and see that itis created. If I wanted to extract it, it asks me forthe password that I was formerly participated !.

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