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so you decided to start doing some article marketing that's a good idea and I'm glad you thought about doing it maybe you're thinking about submitting articles to place like ezinearticles com and maybe you even have thought about becoming an expert author like some of these people and that's a pretty goal you may even be thinking about submitting to view articles like go articles com or even through a service like article marketer it doesn't matter what service you choose you definitely need to have unique articles you don't want to be submitting the same articles to everyone and you also don't want to take like plr articles or master resell rights articles and try to submit them to the article directories without rewriting them the problem is rewriting can be long and tedious process unless you have a little help and that's why I want to introduce you to I am soft extremes article rewriter the extreme article rewriter will help you turn out killer articles in no time at all and the greatest thing is is you can get this rewriter software for free so what I do is show you some of the things that it does you take a look here the I am soft extreme article rewriter will help you get thousands of quality backlinks and tons of free traffic from article marketing now how does it do this well what is it though as it allows you to intercede articles or original articles that will help you gather information and build completely new and unique articles and the way it does this it allows you to swap multiple paragraphs with multiple articles and create a completely customized version that's ready for you to distribute to the article directories you can put in your own paragraphs and sentences that are automatically added to the articles at top middle and bottom and easily substitute thousands of synonyms that help you bypass Google's duplicate content filter and also still allow you to pass on the main idea that you're trying to get across in your articles you also are allowed to select the number of paragraphs and sentences for each article so you have complete control over what is put out of software this will save you a ton of time and effort and spare you from worrying about every single article that you're going to have to write software does these things and much much more and you can't beat the price so why recommend is that you head on over to I am soft extreme calm forward slash article dash rewriter and get extreme article rewriter today you

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