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and goodmorning MLM online champions Pat McKeon from New York here okay so today I'm going to discuss with you a part 3 of my video series on why video marketing is social medias hottest tool the first thing I wanted to tell you my friends is an inspirational story actually I want to share with you a very good friend of mine in the industry Nicole Cooper found herself a real estate investor making a lot of money found herself in the downturn lost everything literally went through a bankruptcy to welfare to sleeping on a mattress in air mattress so this lady kept going kept generating and coming up with ideas and came across thank God mlsp my lead system pro she basically started studying and studying and studying and implementing video marketing she went from bankruptcy and living on welfare to twenty thousand dollar per month in her primary business utilizing social media through video marketing and this happened in a period of between eight and nine months okay so why why do i why am I telling that why am I so highly stressing highly stating that you want to learn this incredible technique well because of stories like that they really does happen I'm living proof I've started doing videos people are getting beginning to follow me people beginning to like me know me trust me and again people do business with people they like know and trust it's not about your product or service now the other thing is as I said in my video yesterday YouTube is generating 1 billion hits a day so what that means to you is that you have a huge pond of people who have the potential to come and see your video to click on your video and since people would rather watch a video that seven out of 10 people rather than read a text that gives you a very high viewership rate secondly if you put that video on to facebook you now have double your traffic okay the other thing is is that when you utilize video marketing okay with a flip camera with the camera on your computer there's no reason for you to not start video marketing due to money okay but when you do use video marketing what happens is you start to get ranked higher in the SEO or the search engines on google now if you don't know anything about that which I didn't know either don't worry about it it's just a good thing and it helps you get see more if you're not getting seen more by not utilizing those videos what's happening is you're working twice as hard because your video keeps going to the back is set up to the front okay so that's another important reason to start using video marketing but I think the most important is the number of people the millions of people that are going to have access to your video people who begin to know like and trust you will want to begin to do business with you and also I did take some notes here because this is very important and also because of the people the leaders that are doing it that are having phenomenal results I mean I'm generating free quality leads every day what I'm doing is shooting a video talking to you and posting it all over facebook which I will show you how to do but for now what I want to do is as soon as this video is over what I want you to do today champions is I want you to login to my site ml m google Champions com the URL will be below the video and I want you to enter your name and email address and get your hands on an hour and a half content free rich training that you could use for any business you're in okay video marketing is for any business you're in whether it's real estate network marketing a construction company or your own a resin restaurant so do that and want to take faster action and get get started immediately my phone numbers on the upper right hand I want you to call me today call me for your free 15 minute mentoring champion championship personalized action plan and we'll get you started today on how you can start to generate five to ten quality leads per day listen if I can do it so can you remember you're a champion but the thing is you got to start today don't put off to don't put off till tomorrow what you can start today I'm helping to create millionaires tomorrow's millionaires but we got to start today see you on the next video Pat McKeon from New York

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