YouTube Video Marketing | How I Got My Videos On The First Page of Google

hey guys Linda bamba here from traffic enterprises com just want to cut this video today to talk to you about youtube video marketing I took a course on it and I've gotten tremendous results out of it and just taking what I've learned and apply it now i show you here here's one of my videos um this is the fit on the first page of Google you can see this is um googling my video sitting right here I have a couple of them actually and now I've started to generate leads on Isla autopilot which that's the one one of the things that's so powerful about video marketing is those videos are going to stay out there and continue to do that for me um and I if I take the cost of this course which is two hundred ninety seven dollars how much that's going to make me over time the course takes you from the beginning just creating a video and shows you how to do on page off page optimization keyword research and the optimization is really the keyword research is what's going to get help you get your videos ranked if you are doing videos you want to get the mic because nobody will see them so i just wanted to do this short video and talk about this course it's called tube traffic mojo um it's invaluable if you're doing video marketing and if you're doing any kind of it is if you want to just get them out there um I'd highly encourage anybody in this course is I'm going to turn my business around it already has so you want to take a look at it you click the link below i will see you on the inside

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