YouTube Video Marketing Tips & SEO – Video Marketing Campaign – Week #24 (Part 1)

and which takes us on to week 25 and video marketing video marketing and is certainly one of the real opportunities in the future and a lot of people are trying video marketing not a lot not an awful lot of people are being successful at video marketing because they're probably not focusing on conversion rates and about getting people back to your website and about measuring video marketing and measuring videos viewed and measuring the actual people that come from the video is viewed to your website and they're different ways you can do that so I'd like to to give you an overview of that so I'd like to cover and the 10 top video sites where you should submit your videos just the basics of creating and editing your own video where to upload your own video and how to track visitors from videos so starting with the Big E and YouTube fifty percent more traffic than other video sites combined and however you shouldn't just focus on YouTube there are advantages to focusing on say roughly 10 video sites and you can get your links to begin with on these 10 different video sites as well you can get traffic from different sources and you just never know what YouTube are going to do in the future if you just rely on just one person you know it's just like having the one customer you it could hit you with feature problems so that's the YouTube website of course if you type internet marketing in to youtube and you'll get this video on the top page which is there are 13 pillars of internet marketing and introduction and that's the video there and if you note and where it says about this video it's also got a live link to 13 pillars com website as well so if you include HTTP colon slash slash at the front of your URL in your description and you have your URL the beginning of your description you'll get a live link from youtube there as well now how did I get that to the top of the search for internet marketing on YouTube well I've got a list of people that I communicate with in a regular basis that but like my free content so I just email my list saying look just put up this video give us a favor and down and vote for it and tell me what you think of it in youtube and add your own comments and then more people start viewing it in youtube think well this is a decent relevant video for internet marketing so will rank highly so it's been up there it's been top of youtube for the phrase internet marketing for about eight or nine months it's now had about four and a half thousand views or so so you know and it's all obviously relevant decent viewers as well searching for that particular phrase so that's one of the ways attached to get your videos viewed on YouTube you know you need to incorporate your keyword phrase in your title and and also somewhere in your video description as well try and include your URL you know with your HTTP at the beginning there and then you know if you've got a nice list of people and tell them about it and just ask them nicely just to devote for itten and see it rocket up YouTube so here's a few other video sites though don't just rely on YouTube you need to submit your video to these sites as well and these video sites are mostly Oh in the top hundred websites in the world sort of massively popular so here we go and we have yahoo video we've got myspace TV we've got a website called metacafe where you can actually download a bit of software to view videos in your computer as well and got revver and got our website called dailymotion that's the dailymotion website I've got blip TV and this is just going to give you a good overview of over the different video websites out there are the saints that you should be submitting to Brightcove and also vo I think we're nearly there um I mean so that's like a 10-key video signs and that you can upload your videos to that is extremely worthwhile to get your videos featured on and if you submit your videos to you can get a lot of website traffic from now how do you actually edit your video go to begin with how do you actually create your video most of you have probably got that software already installed so have a look for the software if you've got it installed on your PC just just give it a go you can actually incorporate am still photos you can incorporate and existing movies that you've already made actually so always this case of actually inserting files of existing movies that you've already made or still photos so you what you did you drag them across to this area here and then you drag them across to the video timeline where if you're using still photos you just drag the still photos to different parts of the video timeline and it's actually quite easy to actually kind of focus zoom in and photos and zoom out in photos and create nice mergers between photos as well and it just takes a couple of hours to get used to it but you can quite easily produce your own video that can be quite an effective marketing tool you can also add your own audio as well so you know if you've created a bit of audio beforehand you can add it if it's already in your video then that's fine or you can also actually use an a website called pod safe audio that's the pod safe audio website and what people registered on this website do is give you permission to use their music and as a backing track so you can actually use any music on this website as a backing track to your video or your podcast as long as if you give them credit no it's a little credit at the end of it saying can a music by this person you can choose any music you want you know choose music by genre you know by artists you know you can find a piece of music you know that's not not signed labels obviously but you know decent music that go very nicely with different tracks


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