2020 Content Marketing Prediction: Sam Jefferies

so I’ve got three main predictions for the SEO world in 2020 the first one is a continued rise and importance of Rich Snippets and the outer box in Google there’s been two Rich Snippets introduced recently these being a QA and the FAQ snippets this comes off the back of the second prediction which is the rise in no click searches so according to spark Toro I’m already at 49% of all searches don’t ever get a click they’re just solved through the answer box Rich Snippets and other things Google put in straight through above the natural search results in addition to that we’ve now got predictions that in 2020 50% of all searches will be done without a screen so through things like Google home or through Alexa and Google home in particular pulls things from the answer box in Google so you can see the importance of those Rich Snippets and finally the continued importance of branding so you take someone like GoDaddy for example the biggest search term that brings visitors onto their site is the term GoDaddy so really show showcasing the importance of building out a big brand with your site moving away from these kind of spammy single page sites we had in the past I had no brand had no returning visitors by building those returning visitors you’re almost getting a leg up on the competition not only you skipping Google altogether people put in the URL in but you’re having less competition in the SERPs because people are putting your brand in and the competition just aren’t gonna be able to compete

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