Top Video Marketing Tips And Trends Anyone Should Know

Top Video Marketing Tips And Trends Anyone Should Know

– People are passionate about something. They are keen to share it. They know everything they wanna share. It’s all in their head, but it’s not structured. And nobody’s gonna be able, if you’re gonna talk on video. Nobody’s gonna be able
to ask you any questions. Nobody’s gonna ever be able to stop you. That’s why if you don’t script it out, if you don’t write your points out. Even you know everything that you’re gonna write out already. So even you feel like shit, I’m writing things that I already know, why am I doing this? It’s I get it I have passionate about videos. If you ask me something about videos, I can speak for hours. I know all the things I know, – Yeah.
– Like the same way you, you know a lot about SEO and YouTube, that’s your passion.

So if I ask you something about it, chances are, you can just
keep going and keep going. ‘Cause you like it. You enjoy talking about it. And for me as a listener is sitting right there next to you then yes, then it is interesting because I’m right there with you. When you’re talking, I can interrupt you. And I can ask you a deeper question. – Like if you’re like a lying person, – Yeah, person to person, but when it’s on video, that option is not there. There’s nobody telling you, giving you another question. Like, Hey, can you talk
a bit more about this? Can you talk a bit more about that? Which will make the interact. There’s no interaction possible. So that’s why if, and even so like, even if I would ask you, can you tell me something about how to best optimize your video? Where do I find hashtags? You might say, yeah, I
can tell you right now.

Let me go into it. But again, like on camera, you gotta keep it structured
(indistinct) people. A lot of things that I know that I don’t need to write it down. ‘Cause I know it’s in my head. Everything is there, but because it’s not
structured in your head, you usually do a brain dump on camera. So you ended up with 30 minutes. The content might be great. But again you’re going all over the place because you’re passionate about it. You wanna share everything that you know, you can go super deep, but I’m lost as a viewer. And that’s the difference. When people are passionate
about something, they are keen to share it. They know everything
they wanna share already. It’s all in their head, but it’s not structured. And nobody’s gonna be able, if you’re gonna talk on video, nobody’s gonna be able
to ask you any questions. Nobody’s gonna ever be able to stop you. So that’s why, if you don’t script it out. If you don’t write your points out Even you know everything that you’re gonna write out already.

So even you feel like shit, I’m writing things that I already know, why am I doing this? It’s I get it. But if you don’t do that and again, you’re gonna be all over the place. – Wow, Yeah. – So you’re talking from passion. – I think its because passion, then we just share it. And I think I have been, I mean, how many of us
have actually done that? – Yeah. – So that’s wow.

And so let’s say that. So I think I have two questions. Lets say that right now someone wants to record a video. What would be like the
first year starting out. – Yeah. – What would be like the first actions that someone could do. And or with that, like what will be like
the three, like things, like I remember when you told me about like light and phone. – Oh yeah. – And I keep it on like 50 budget. So let’s say that I have $50 budget. I’m starting out. What should I do? Three Reactions.

– Yeah, Okay. So really when you start out, stop focusing on what
camera you should buy, stop googling best vlogging camera, or a photo, just stop doing that. Like you have assuming you have a phone. Most people have a phone nowadays with a good camera. – Yeah.
– Works, no worries. – And if you don’t have a smartphone you should buy one. Stop having a dump phone. – Yeah, that’s exactly. That should be fixed. Now you can solve two problems in one by getting a smartphone. But yeah, like what I would buy is like buy little stand for you. Those things are so cheap, but you can get the
cheapest one for 10 bucks and they just work .It’s a stand for your phone where you can just click it on so you can put it on your table and you can do hands free. Otherwise you’re gonna be
holding your phone like this. And this is not the most sexy to do, I would say. So that’s one. Like there are of course
a couple of brands but go to any camera store.

I mean, 10 bucks is, is
the minimum I would say. And that’s good enough. Now of course you have your
phone then for the camera. The second thing, although a lot of phones have good audio recording
in there already. I would still say, ’cause as I mentioned
how important audio is, I would invest in just like a little, little microphone
for like a shotgun mic. It’s called like a thing
that you put on your phone and you point us towards you that will enhance your audio quality. Those are the only three
things I would focus on. Oh, and of course lighting, – Yeah.
– Then yeah, lighting is quite important. Of course like, yeah. Lighting is something you don’t really think about that much when you start shooting the video. But you’ll realize if you
don’t have good lighting, then the video quality is pretty shitty. You will see it pretty fast. So you can solve it by
going outside and film, if there’s a good sun out there, but that of course means
you cannot control it. And there may be there’s a cloud coming towards the sun or maybe you’re at night.

Top Video Marketing Tips And Trends Anyone Should Know

Maybe you’re in a very
dark in winter season. It’s very hard to control. So you can buy like a ring light. Again it’s very cheap. The cheapest maybe you
can get for 550 bucks, which you can just plug in, you can even put most things. You can put your phone into ring lights and then your face is just lit up. Like, I think that’s pretty key. So don’t underestimate the lighting part about just… – To be like the phones supporter. – Yeah. – The like a microphone. What could be like a run. – Road – Road or a road microphone, and then like a ring ring light. – Yeah. – And then boom. Under like what a hundred dollars done. – Easy.
– Yeah. – Yeah, that’s how we should start. And of course like, and that’s for me as well. Like if you see, you start doing half that and you start creating your videos. For me that’s also important because maybe some people just don’t like to do it.

They think they like it because they see other people do it, but it’s work at the end of the day. – Yeah. – So if you start with that, you’ll quickly find out this is something I wanna pursue. And if this is something that you do wanna pursue, then slowly level up and maybe it’s time to
get a proper camera down. – Yeah, So you kinda, you get that and then you test it. It’s like.
– Yeah. – You’re not gonna start with the best, like a golf club . – Now exactly. – And then if you really want it, then you kinda end up
there’s more and more and more and more. – Yeah, – Yeah, I actually, yeah, I think it would. – And I even if you do have the money to spend it from the start, maybe that’s not an issue for you. I still wouldn’t do it, because buying a camera
means you’ve got to learn how that camera works as well. It’s not something that, that you can just figure out on the spot.

A phone normally does. – And so the last question is, so where did you see this whole, they get told storytelling, content creation, influencers, VDO, you know like, where do you bet that that is gonna go? And how is, you call it Big Kahuna, which is your main, main, like your big thing, that if you accomplish you will go next level, but taking into consideration, where is this going? Like what will be your personality and where you see the trend going? – Well, I think that
video is gonna be more and more and more important. ‘Cause you can see it all on all the social media platforms that are out right now. Instagram is really promoting IGTV, which is video related. YouTube is still growing. You’ve got new apps coming along, like Tik Tok all that stuff, which is all video related.

So yes, video for sure is just gonna grow and grow and grow and grow. And I think more and more people are gonna start using it. I think that we are gonna
reach a point though, where people are getting tired of content that is not interesting. (mumbles) a lot of people just shoot, like their dog waking
up with their breakfast. I think, that will stop at one point. It’s just not, you’re not doing anybody
a favor basically. Like, unless you’re like a big influencer and yes, it will be
interesting 40 odd years. But I think that will kinda stop. I think people are starting
creating more content. That is actually of value. Now the fun part of just shooting a video because you can slowly dies down. And another thing I will think will people will do is that. I think more and more people are able to shoot videos for themselves. That there’s no need to hire somebody like anymore to shoot videos for them. – Yeah. – Because people, again, the phones are getting better and better.

Like the quality on recording, is all gonna get better and better. So people are gonna be able
to shoot for themselves. So let’s say, they’ll take my job away. Kind of sucks in a way. But I think my role or out of videographers or creators, their role is more like, yes, the story part of it and the editing part, that’s also a next level. – Yeah. Like the scripting the production, the who what, what kinda context. And then, which is basically what you were saying, – Yeah. – That context before and the kind of like the scripting and… – Really (mumbles) – Is it kinda the strategic direction and the creativity. – Exactly. Exactly, ’cause I do take that people are gonna more shoot
more on their own videos and that’s gonna be cheaper and cheaper and cheaper to create a video.

Yeah. – Cool. So the last, last question before you thought this was over . A surprise question is, so let’s say that right now, you’re in a stage of a hundred thousand people in there, everyone is waiting for Tony’s last message. Or like this Tony’s 10 words. It could be one word from one to 10 words. What will you say to them? And yet they could be video people. It could be whatever. What will you say to them? Like live right then and there? – I would say, stop asking me what camera you should buy and just start filming. (both laughing) – Good. – That’s what I would do.

– Get us smartphone. – Yeah get a smartphone, – And shoot – And shoot. See if you like it, before you’re gonna invest in it. – I love it. Well, thanks for coming man. – No worries, thank you. – Its freaking Awesome. – Thank you. – The reason why we fall in love with so many brands is because they speak to our heart. And how to speak to an audience heart is just be real. Be as much of your own self as possible. Don’t ever try to copy anybody. Don’t ever try to pretend to be somebody you’re not. Be as authentic as you possibly can be. So that just means sometimes not..

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