Top 5 Content Marketing Tips Content Marketing Tips

hello five marketing tips for content marketers okay, you are ready for marketing use only creative materials to market your services or products consist of things like e-books videos instructional articles webinars podcast emails all the things that respond to specific questions individuals have and offer it accurate ways to solve their problems that they […]

Full timelapse + walkthrough of building my website

Hey everyone! This video is a timelapse of building thewebsite for my course, Responsive Design for Beginners. I’m going to walk you through the processof how I built this website. It’s not a tutorial per se, but more justshowing you my approach when I’m coding. I’m still in the process of creating thiscourse, but you […]

Storytelling 101: Video Marketing

How to think about story and what are the fundamentals? Before picking up a camera or writing your next piece of copy don't you think your next piece of content could be told a little more effectively with some planning? If you can't write a decent spot a copy then chances are you can't create […]

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