Project Part 1 – Responsive Web Design Fundamentals

Let’s put your newfoundknowledge to the test. For this question I want you to makesome informs to the Hometown Project. If you need the starter data, check out the instructor notes for teachings on downloading that. Here we can see what itlooks like right now. We’ve got two editorials, verse and likeness, and we’ve got […]

What is a Personalized Video?

Do you really know what is a personalized video? If you want to learn more about it,   this is the right place for you! Let’s get into this new way to communicate! Hi everyone and welcome to Babelee channel!  Today we’re talking about personalized videos and where to find them Personalized videos are very intuitive […]

2 Tips To make your CONTENT MARKETING Successful

why don’t you tell someone out there let’s say that they’re starting up their social media channel they’re they’re maybe they’re opening up a blog they’re they’re trying to do some facebook ads and put some content behind it what’s some advice you can give to beginners out there to really take their content to […]

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