Why should I use VIDEO MARKETING for my business? – A real world view

Why should I use VIDEO MARKETING for my business? - A real world view

Are you hurting your business by not
using video marketing? Professional video production can seem
like an expensive and risky investment but if done
properly the benefits far outweigh the risks. If this is your first time watching one
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Video can be a long term investment especially if you’re using YouTube
meaning that you will see results from your video for months
if not years. Just think about it, if you make a high-quality video
that is well optimised for your chosen keywords,
that video is always going to show up in search results
and in the recommended videos for as long as it stays relevant.
This will spread awareness of your brand and generate
leads without you having to put any extra work in.
Bonus tip! Only post your full videos on YouTube.

If you’re posting the same
video across all your different social media
platforms then you’re going to be limiting the success
of your video on YouTube. If you want to know more about why you shouldn’t post
all your videos on social media then check out this video here.
The marketing game has changed over the last few years.
People don’t want to be sold to in the traditional way anymore,
they want help solving their problems. If you create
helpful content, your viewers are going to be more likely to come to you
when they need your full services.

Let’s look
at a business coach as an example. When a business is just starting out
they probably won’t be able to afford a business coach but this
is going to be the time when they need one the most. By producing a set
of videos helping new business owners with common problems that they will face,
they will be able to grow their business faster
and afford your services sooner. You are building reciprocity. Reciprocity is
the idea that if i give you a gift, you’re gonna feel more obliged to give
me one back. I think we’ve all had that uncomfortable
feeling when someone gives you a christmas present and you
say ‘I’m really sorry, I haven’t brought you one back’,
it just makes you feel really awkward and i bet you feel like you want to go
out and buy them one straight away.

Reciprocity extends to
helping potential customers with their problems, if you help solve
their problems they’re gonna feel like they want to
give you something back meaning that they may tell their friends or family
about your business or they’ll come to you when they need
your full services. There is another benefit to creating
helpful videos, you are showing yourself as an expert in
your field. People need to not only trust you before
they do business with you but they need to trust that you know
what you are talking about. Bonus tip! Show how you help people
using case studies and video testimonials.
Written testimonials are great but they can
be easily faked. Actually seeing the person
and being able to read the expression in their face and in their voice
really shows how much value you have brought to that customer’s life.
Business is a lot more personality based than it used to be.
You are your brand and people want to get to know the person
behind the business. One of the big roadblocks i hear
all the time is that people are scared of the camera
or they’re scared of looking stupid but guess what?
Absolutely everybody feels this way at first.

Why should I use VIDEO MARKETING for my business? - A real world view

Getting comfortable in front of camera takes time and i have a video helping
you do this here. But once you do get comfortable,
people get to know you and like you and trust me you’re not as
boring as you think you are. By the time your viewer is ready to buy
from you they already feel like they know you
before even getting in contact. Speaking of
sales, videos are a great way of building your sales funnel. It’s all
about getting your potential customers email address.
Web platforms will come and go taking your audience with them
but by having a list of your potential customers email addresses
you will always have a direct way to contact them
cutting out the middleman. So how does video help with this?
By having a lead generator like an ebook or a video series
you are offering them great value and only asking for an email address
in return.

Now you can send them an email update with
your latest videos. Not only will this help grow your YouTube channel and video
but they also keep you at the front of your customers
minds especially if you’re posting regular
content. You can include a call to action at the end of all your
videos as well as giving them a reason why they should
subscribe to your mailing list. You can also include links in your video
description and on your video’s end screen.
Not convinced yet? How about a few statistics? Did you know
that people only retain about 10% of a marketing message when it is in
text compared to 95% when that same message
is in a video? How about people are 27x more likely to click on a video ad rather than just
a static image. The reason for this is that the human brain is
better at interpreting visuals over text as about 90% of
information transmitted to the brain is visual. This means that your brain can
process visuals 60,000x faster than
text. But what does this all mean? Your viewers
have a limited amount of time in their day so if you can find a way to
broadcast your message more efficiently, they are going to be
more likely to take it in and engage with it.

So are you now ready
to start your video marketing journey? Well i’ve got something to help you out!
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