How to Make Your First YouTube Video

– My name is Nolan Molt and I am a full-time YouTuber and today, I’m giving you 10 tips to make your first YouTube video. But first, you guys gotta see this. Look at that sunrise. Gorgeous. Okay. Let’s get into tip number one. Now, I know even just the thought of shooting a YouTube […]

Introducing the B2B Content Marketing Toolkit 2016

hi I’m Claire Trevien and I’m the head of content marketing at Passle and I’m here to tell you about a really exciting event that we’re putting together for the 13th of october at WeWork in Moorgate at 6.30pm which is called the B2B Content marketing toolkit 2016. What I’ve done is I’ve hand-picked the […]

Free Course: Beginner Web Design using Studio Code

hi there my name is Daniel Scott and in this video we are going to learn how to build a simple restaurant website using html5 and css3 now you’re going to learn everything you need to create a website starting at your very first page all the way through to uploading it to the Internet […]

Why Video Marketing is Taking Over

Why video marketing is taking over. Video marketing has risen to the forefront as one of the most innovative ways to boost your company’s brand to target consumers. In fact US digital video and ad spending has nearly doubled to 8.03 billion dollars since 2013. By the year 2017 internet video traffic will amount to […]

MGLS #26 Responsive Web Design: The Next Decade (1/4)

i’m here to talk to you today about responsive web blueprints next decade hello everyone my epithet is ethan marcotte i’m an independent designer based in the united states i’m beep on twitter now 2020 well it had a lot of things going on in it but it had one special time in it for […]

Video Marketing Course Module 1 Intro to Video Marketing

okay guys welcome to module one in this module our expert will give you a brief   intro to video marketing so get ready to take some notes and let’s jump right in   there’s no question about it videos have revolutionized modern marketing and communication   the reason being is that it drives the most engagement and […]

Czy twój content marketing to marnowanie czasu?

Content marketing is theoretically a way for potential customers to find you and place an order with you, but it’s not that simple. You can write a blog, you can record podcasts, you can create a video, but the fact that you publish such free content doesn’t mean that your audience will want to buy […]

Career Profile Web Design 1 Spain

Hi my appoint is Carlos, I’m studying first year of network lotion development in STUCOM and on nights I am taking an apprenticeship here aswell. I handle the “model” that is managing the center’s activities, what students can do. And I also control whatever security incidents viewing clas Internet access that students can have on […]

Effective Video Marketing Starts with a Strategy

Video marketing is a strategy. There’s a lot of companies that they they do video, they have a YouTube page or they have a video on the website but they don’t have video marketing. They’re not attaching it to specific campaigns to a landing pages, to blog entries they’re just creating a video so video […]

Evolution of Web Design 1990-2019

the first website being issued in 1990 comparing to today’s website it’s really impressive to see how far we have comein this video we will travel back in time to see each step of web designevolution in the past 30 years let’s check it out 1990 was when the worldfirst website was published there were […]

Why should I use VIDEO MARKETING for my business? – A real world view

Are you hurting your business by not using video marketing? Professional video production can seem like an expensive and risky investment but if done properly the benefits far outweigh the risks. If this is your first time watching one of our videos, let us know by giving this video a like. Make sure you subscribe […]

2D & 3D Drawing Overview – Google Web Designer

LUCAS: My name is Lucas. And I’m an architect onGoogle Web Designer. In this video, we’ll talk about how to use Google Web Designer’s2D and 3D trace abilities. To start, I willdraw a div, which is an HTML container element. So I select the Tag tool. And we see thatin the upper saloon, I have […]

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