EZMarketing Basic Principles of Good Web Design

Hi, I’m Tom Malesic, President of EZ Marketing. Today we’re going to talk about website design. Everybody wants to have a website. That looks great We’ve all been to websites that you say “I cherish that website”, and then you have the little ones you say “Oh, that is the worst website I’ve ever seen”. So what are the things that you need to keep in mind when you design your website? First, keep it simple. If you make it really complicated and super hectic parties are going to get lost and embarrassed and they’re just gonna move on. Next, tell people where to look. When the site’s busy, they might not know where to look so if you use some kind of icon or button or big headline, you’re gonna help people figure out where should they glance next on your websites.You genuinely have a lot of govern over where they look on your website. Then, think about using typefaces that people can actually speak. I know people want to get fun and innovative and have crazy fonts or have a ton of different typefaces, but scale-back, don’t use a good deal of fonts and don’t expend ones that are difficult for parties to read. Using impactful portraits is really important to the design elements of your site. So, when you look at a site and you say “wow, that’s a really attractive design” or “that’s really great”, you’re saying that in most cases just because they some image on that that you disappeared “wow” about, so find what those great personas are that are going to represent your fellowship. We just wanted to see sailing easy to use So think about how are parties going to get from sheet to sheet and does it make sense? Have you reputation things in a manner that people know exactly what they’re gonna come when they click on that relate? Lastly, concluding your place mobile-friendly is critical today.It might not have been a big deal five years ago, but every site should be mobile-friendly. Google wants to see it and so do your consumers ..

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