How To Make A WordPress Website Simple & Easy

Hi people, In this video I’m going to show you how you can quickly make awebsite, expending wordpress Now after watching this video, you will be able to make any kind of website exerting wordpress, just like this, by use drag& throw. So, don’t miss out on this video and watch it till the end, to learn how to do it. Okay! So, I’m Bryan from WebsiteLearners and Let’s start forming ourwebsite exploiting WordPress! Okay! So before we start, you needto First, Click the link, below this video. So I’m going to click this attach. And, It will take you to this page. Now we’re going to make ourwebsite in time 4 stairs! So the 1st pace is to pick, a call for your website. Now, I has so far been picked a appoint which is “” So I’m going to search for it … And then click “check availability”. Okay, so you can see that, the specify is available. Once you get your name, youcan go to the next step, which is to get thedomain name and hosting.Now this specify is called as a domain name It is the website’s address, which people have to enter, to reach your website. And hosting is the place, where your website’s files are stored on the internet. Like your websites portraits& textbook. So to get your hostingand this domain name, let’s scroll down and sounds come hosting Now This will make you to awebsite called BlueHost, This is the place, where we’regoing to get our hosting& region. So to get it, let’s click’ get started ‘. Now here it will request us to choose a propose. So based on the number ofwebsites, youre going to build You can choose a design here. I want to build 1 website so Im going to choose this plan. And it will take you to this page. Now here enter the same namewhich you selected before So I’m going to enter and sound’ next’.Now as you can see ourdomain is still available. Now to get this land and hosting Tells fill up these details Now, here you can see thatwe’re getting our discipline, and our hosting. Now this hosting will bevalid for 36 months which is 3 years So, formerly we arrange this lineup, your website is likely to be live, on the internet for the next 3 years. Now, if you demand youcan also click here and select 12 months, which will giveyou hosting for 59 dollars but I’m going to choose 36 months so that I get the lowest price.Now here to reduce the cost, causes uncheck these entries. And as you can see ourprice has been reduced. Now to get our discipline& hosting Lets enter our payment items And click defer. So , now we’ve successfullymade the remittance, and we’ve got our subject and hosting. So once you’ve get yourdomain and hosting from this association on our website, You will also be able to get our ended WordPress track for free of cost We will show you how you can get our trend for free at the end of this video Okay, So once we have got our land and hosting, We can go to step 3 oflaunching your website, Which is to create youraccount on bluehost So to create the account.Lets click here, then enter a password, And click create account. Okay! Now our report is created. So gives login And then enter the same password. And login. Okay! So formerly, we have created the accounting We can now go to the finalstep of propelling our website, which is to Install WordPress. Now formerly we invest wordpress, we can start building our site. So, To set wordpress, all you have to do is Just click’ ricochet ‘. And as “youre seeing”, wordpressis now being installed! And its DONE! Okay! So WordPress is now installed. and this signifies, we can nowlaunch our site on the internet. Now, before we propel our site, makes corroborate our email address. So makes go to our inbox, And then open this mail And click authenticate Okay! So now weve successfullyverified our email address Now to propel our wordpress site.Lets sounds dwelling And then click login to wordpress Now if we click start your area you can see that, our website is live! now if you open a new invoice And then enter your website addresswhich is And press enroll you can see that, we now have a brand new website, on the epithet which we adopted. And anyone in the worldcan access this website, By going to this address. So! This is how, you can launch yourwordpress site, on the internet! Now once, youve launched your locate, next lets see how youcan control this website. Now as you can see here, we’ve got a black bar, so this intends right now we’relogged into wordpress, And we can make changes to this site.Now if we call this sitefrom a different browser you can see that, wedon’t see this bar now. which wants others can’t restraint yoursite unless they are logged in. Okay! So to control this website Lets lead now and sounds dashboard. It will take you to this page. Now this is the wordpress adminarea, where you can control everything about your website. So for example, Here you can see thatwe have a sample page Now in our admin domain, if we go to pages You can see that, wehave the same sample page here.Now if we remove this sheet and click refresh You can see that the sheet is deleted So this is how you can control your locate from the WordPress admin area Okay, Now formerly its launched, this is howthe wordpress site will look like, by default. So NOW, lets go to the second part ofthis video, where we see how you can make this default wordpress site Into health professionals website like this. So to make this into aprofessional website, were going to do 2 stairs. The 1st step is to import the design Now instead of creatingour website from scratch.We’re going to import a scheme, and then Edit it, to obligate our own locate. Okay! So to import a design into our site, first we’re going to installa theme in wordpress Okay, so to install the theme, Lets go to our dashboard. Now go to appearance, And sounds themes. Now here you can see the defaultthemes which come with wordpress. Now to add a brand-new theme, Lets click here And you will find different themes which are available for WordPress Now we are going to install a theme called Astra, So causes croak here And then search for Astra, And you will get this theme.This is the theme which is going tohelp us import the design on our site. Now to install it, Lets clink lay. And to apply this theme onyour area, sound initiate. And as you can see The astra theme is now active on our website Okay! So formerly, youve invested the topic, Next we need to choose adesign for our website. So to choose the design, Let clink get started And now, it will ask youto choose a page make Now these are the tools whichwill help you revise, your pattern. Now we recommend that youchoose elementor now. Which reaches iteasy to edit your pages. So, Im going to select elementor And now you can see all the designs, which can be applied to your area. So have a look at these intends, And adopt the one you like.Im going to choose this one And now you can see a previewof how the design appears Now to import, thisdesign, into your site Just click Import Complete Site And then sounds importation. Okay! So now the specific characteristics has been imported now if we go back to our site You can see that, this ishow our site was before. Now if we sounds refresh You can see that, We have got the exact design which we selected And “weve had” these otherpages which also has these demo content Okay So, Once you’ve got thedesign into your website Next makes going to see step 2of building your website Which is to edit the content. Now now you can see thatwe have all of this content. Now how do you edit yourpage, to add your own content? To revise any sheet on your place. You precisely have to go to that sheet and clink Revise with Elementor. So let’s say you wantto edit the homepage. Just click residence And then sounds “edit with elementor”. And now it will make you tothis editing mode, where you can edit any part of this page.So let’s say you wantto change the text here. you really adopt the text, And then start type anything you crave So I’m going to kind Hello! I Exactly stirred Launched A New Website! And now if you want to changethe text on this button, exactly select it And then enter your text So in the same way, you can edit any verse you require on this sheet Just select the text. and then start typing. So this works throughout the website. Now if you want to change this image, merely click it. select the epitome now And then drag and drop an portrait from your computer So once you have done with the changes, you can save this page by snap inform And all your modifications will be saved.So now if we go back to oursite and sounds refresh you can see that all ourchanges have been applied Okay, so now you know howyou can edit any page on your website Next we’re going to see how you can change the Header area of your website. Now by choosing elementoryou will able to change this part of your website. But if you want to change this area, which is the header you can do it by going to the customize option. So let’s go to customize. Now now you can see we have these “Blue icons”. Now if you want to change this logo, exactly sounds this “Blue Icon” and you can change the Logo now. Now in the same way youcan change the menu segment by snap this icon. So everything can be editedby using these blue-blooded icons. Once you are done with the changes, precisely sounds “publish” and they will be published on the area. So this is how you can changethe header of your website Now, causes close this Okay, so we saw how to revise theheader sphere Now, what if you want to add a brand-new sheet? It’s very simple.All you need to do is, go to new, And sounds page. Now let’s say you want tocreate a service page for your website “youre supposed to” first enter a name. and now to start creatingyour a sheet exactly click revise with “Elementor”. And now, it will takeyou to this blank region. Now here “were having” 3 differentways to create your sheet. First you can either use these elements which are here. and then drag and dropthem into this area. So for example, if youwant to add a origin you can drag and discontinue this element here. and then enter your text. To contribute an image you candrag& descend these components. So drag& put here andstart generating your page Now the 2nd acces to create a page is by using blocks. Blocks are ready impelled areas, which you can add to your sheet. So causes say you want to add asection like this to your page. Just click here And now if you go to blocks You can see different types of blockswhich you can add to your page. Now to build your sheet, all you haveto do is, choose a block from here Then click import block As you can see, weve got the block here.Now lets compute 1 more block now. So causes click here Then elect the next block. And importation it And as you can see, we have had our page. So now to complete thispage, all you have to do is Like we did before, Just select& then vary the contents To change this image, tells click here Then select your image And contributed your persona. So in this way, you can build your page applying blocks You can also find more block intends by sounding here And then espouse a block from here Next makes look at the 3rd& finalway of house a new page which is by importing a sheet template. So lets delete these blocks And now were back on the blank page Now to import a sheet template Just click here And instead of blockLets go into pages.And as you can see you willfind a lot of sheet layouts here. Now if you want to useany design exactly click it. See how its look like. And if you like it, only click set And as you can see we’ve now got the entiredesign into our page. Again, like we did before, you can change anything on this sheet, Just by selecting it andtyping whatever it is you miss. This is how it labours. Once you are done with the changes, Just click publish Then please click here And select look sheet As you can see, we have publisheda brand new page, on our website. So This is how you can add newpages, to your wordpress site.Now now you can see that this page which is called ourservices is not on our menu hitherto. So next lets insure, howyou can add this sheet to your menu. So to add this page to your menu Makes go back to customize And click this blue icon Here you can see that we haveall the sheets, which we have here Now to add this new page to your menu Just click compute pieces And here “youre seeing” the newpage which we are only appointed Now if we click on this page, You can see that, this pagehas been added to your menu.Now to move this menu entry here Really drag this item and then drop it where you want. And As you can see, thispage now appears here Now to save this Lets click publish Now if we go back to oursite and click refresh You can see that, we have nowgot this sheet in our menu Now if we click residence It takes us to our homepage And if we click our services We can now interpret our service page. This is how you can addnew sheets to your menu Okay! Now you know how yoursite inspects on computers But how will this pagelook on a mobile phone. So Next, makes see how this pagewill appear on a mobile phone. So now if we make our portable And then go to our website you can see that, our site isautomatically optimized for portables. And this is how it reviews. Now if we click here You can see our menu on the mobile phone Now if we go to services You can see that, this page is automatically optimized for mobile phones Now gives say you want to change the sizeof this text only on mobile phones.How do we do that? So next lets see how you can change how your site examinations on mobile phones So tells going to be home to our computer Now make sure youre on thepage which you want to edit And click revise with elementor. Now scroll down to the placewhich you want to edit Now to change the size of this texton mobile, merely click this icon And then change to mobile And as you can see we have gotthe mobile scene of our website. Now to change this text on mobile Lets click here And make sure youre on the style invoice Now next to typography click edit And here you can see that, we can nowchange the typeface immensity on mobiles So to change the immensity All you have to do is Just drag this slider And the font length will bechanged on mobile phones Now to save your changes Just Click modernize. And Now if we go to our site on portable And refresh the page You can see that, our fontsize has been changed.So thats it guys! This is how you can edityour website for portable. So now you know, How youcan launch your locate, By getting a subject& hosting. Import the demo content. and then edit it to conclude your own website So if you’re ready to startmaking your own website Just click here. And It will make you to the pagewhich we assured in Step 1 which is choosing your region. So merely pick your domainand start building your website. So once you launch your website, to get our complete WordPress direction for free, only send us a theme expending this Live Chat Thanks for watching. I will see you in the next video. Take care. Bye Bye ..

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