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Hi everyone, my list is Kent Is an advertising expert on the Google Web Designer crew Today I want to show you an interactive video First create a blank file A flag ad Give it a word and accept the default settings Then lag and slip the video record into the stage This is an mp4 document Adjust its length in the “Properties” panel I know the size of this video is 300×168 Enter these values Move it to the top of the centre of such documents Use adjustment dominates Make sure “Align to container” is selected Double clink the register to open the interactive video dialog Cue moments and hotspots can be added now The cue pitch is the marker in the video Can be used in conjunction with the “Events” body Drag the entire timeline of the video Where the commodity first emerged Click the “Create Cue Point” icon Then create two more cue phases One for each white-hot blink screen You can notice that every time you contributed a clue station The method will automatically generate an ID It can be revised to make it more illustrative If required, you can also participate the exact time After settled the clue degree You can use these controls to consider one by one Can also frisk video Click “Save” to accept the changes Now I crave the textbook displayed in the ad Consistent with the time when the cue pitches simply appeared To do this, you need to create a text element Then expend episodes to show and secrete these elements Use text tools Draw a rectangle and recruit text Now switch to the selection tool to set the mode in the “Text” body Change the font to Arial Center, resize To adjust the aims of more elements, click this icon to change the timeline to advanced mode Now I can be found in every ingredient in my record In the “Properties” panel, appoint an ID In line-up to access those components with affairs Name it text1 Please note that the blanket figure has also been revised Now, use the keyboards imitation and paste shortcut to copy this textbook Change its bed identify to text2 Please note that the ID has also been modernized Hide the first section of text so that you can edit it more readily Now let these two sections of textbook be displayed Hold down the Shift key and click on these two text coatings Set the pack opacity to 0 in the “Properties” panel To secrete these two seams Finally, you can use the “Events” panel to complete the interaction Click the “Add Event” icon in the bottom left corner Select cue_point_1 Cue phase contacted CSS, Set modes text1 Add facet, opacity, 1 Select “Move slowly for 0.5 seconds” and sounds “OK” Complete two more lays for other cue degrees cue_point_2 Set vogue This time rectify the opacity to 0 to turn the text off Open text2 at the last cue point Preview now But I want to make another simple adjustment just for testing Make sure the video is selected Enable autoplay so its easier to exam But close it before publishing Preview now You can see the first textbook fade away Then the second text Looks good Let’s play it again I construe a problem The last-place section of textbook is not hidden during replay The quick fix is to add another incident Select the correspond video Select “Video”> “Play after Pause” “Set Style”> “text2″> “Opacity 0” No need to fade in/ out this time Click “OK” and preview again Undertaking well Now add some hot spot This path, when the user sounds on the video They can go to the landing page related to the product they sounded on Hotspots are components superimposed on the video Mainly used for the click field But it can also be used as a receptacle for text and situations Double-click the incident constituent as before Open interactive video dialog Move the playhead to the point where you want it to be clickable Click the “Add Hotspot” button Gray disallow in the timeline Represents hotspot entry and outlet items As the playhead moves, “youre seeing” hotspots in and out in the preview By default, “Display after playback” is selected In other paroles, at the end of the video Hotspots can still be sounded In this case I will impede this setting If this option is unchecked, the hot spot will not be exposed at the end of the video I can drag and cease the hot spot in the timeline to move its position You are also welcome to lag and descent either aspiration to elongate the long axis Note that you can instantly It may be easier to edit the locations of registering and obstructing age pitches. Restore the initial deep-seateds are responsible for ensuring that the ending clip has a corresponding timeline Now, adjusting the size of the hot spot simply shown in this bottle body Give it a more descriptive list Repeat the same steps for the last bottle Looks very close to the desired effect Click “Save” Use the “Events” panel as before To fill in the interactive accomplish New happen hotspot_hibiscus Mouse, sound Google Ads Exit ad gwd-ad Create an indicator ID Enter the full URL of the ground sheet All right Repeat the above steps for another hotspot Now preview again Fast forward Click now to be done in order to Hibiscus Click now to be done in order to heightens looks great I will demonstrate the last point I.e.How to style the hotspot Similarly, open the video dialog Each hotspot has an overlay substance “Were not receiving” information by default But I can select any item from the database Such as illustrates or groups or other videos Suppose I need simple textile For example, the specific method of emblazon or strip is as follows Close this dialog Use constituent tools and div decoration tools to create perimeters Draw a rectangle Set a 1 pixel red perimeter Then provided the width percentage Input: 0 0 100 100 Right click on this element and adopt “Create Group” Name it Click “OK” Keep it adopted and press Delete to remove it from the situation And the newly built group is still displayed in the database Now switch to the selection tool Go back to the dialog and select a hotspot Set its overlay information to the frame group only started Drag the playhead to see Click on the background to uncheck all options But I found that the border is missing two perimeters This is caused by CSS style establisheds Let me establish you how to solve this problem Save textile Right-click the formulate group in the database and select “Edit” Now select their own borders div In the CSS body Add attributes box-sizing Set it to border-box This road, the border will stay inside the container In such cases, just stay in the hot spot To return the document Click on the seed div in the breadcrumb sailing Return to the video dialog Now the border seems correct Just reproduce the above steps for another hotspot Looks good now Save, last preview This time I will watch it in full Finally click to confirm This is done! The above is how to add cue places and hot spot in ads To create an interactive video Thanks for watching!


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