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Video doesn't work. That's right, "single" video doesn't work now. Hi I'm Rucha Armarkar, from AnimationPlanet. Your outsourced Video Marketing Partner. One video for all doesn't work now. If you create only one video, you'll
put everything from introducing your product, to display it's demo, to show its benefits, to have customer testimonial, and have a call to action all cramped into that single video.

These several messages will become
confusing for your audience. They might appreciate your work, but will
not become your customer. In contrast, if you create a one video with one message, the chances of your customer going through your marketing funnel increase
tremendously. For that, we at AnimationPlanet came up with
the idea of SVMP. What is SVMP, it's a systematic video marketing
plan. Here we create strategic videos placed at every
stage of your marketing funnel. These strategically placed videos become a
guide for your audience to know about you, learn more from you, build trust on you and
ultimately buy from you.

So next time, when you are doing your marketing
planning, Invest in SVMP to get you the results. To know more about how to implement SVMP
in you business then, drop me a message on the number
below, and I'll be glad to help you. Thank you..

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