The 6 Stages of a Web Design Project UX Design Principles

Designing a website can bea long process, but it doesn’t have to be. I think it genuinely comes down towhat it is you want to achieve from the website. If it’s just a brochure websitewhere you’re just kind of showcasing your productsor your service it doesn’t certainly need to bea really big, arduous process, whereas if it’s a key partof your service offering and it’s a programme that you’re building online, then it can be a very big project, it is therefore does truly depend onwhat it is that you’re building. The biggest keys to asuccessul network blueprint is to ensure you have a detailed spec, a really good brief forany web agency to understand exactly what it is you want. And it’s very important that for themto get it right as quickly as possible that you communicate and youplan exactly what the implementation of its indicaors are, and then they can kind of directtheir resources to where the most important parts of theweb design will be.Wireframes help you to understandthe content that’s going to be on that page, such structures, the useof flow, and how the site is going towork without any of the glossy finishes of the specific characteristics. And I think it’s really importantto work that out before you get excited about how the websiteis going to look, it should be more about how it’s going tofunction first. For you to achievewhatever you’ve set in your goals and the specification. I think that’s personal to abusiness and to a brand, and that’s why it’s so important tomake sure that any entanglement agency you work with certainly understandwhat your brand importances are because they could geta design completely wrong or you could end up spendinga lot of fund on boulevards that they explore that have nothing to dowith what you want to achieve, with how the website is going to look So I don’t think there’s anystrict rule of how it’s going to look but it needs to represent andfollow your brand guidelines I guess if you already have those in place.So the stages of development isbasically when you make your pattern and youget it to work, So you have frontend developersand backend makes, so frontend makes will deal withkind of what the subscribers sees and backend makes willdeal with all the effort that’s done in the background by your serversor whatever work you’re using, whatever programme you’ve decided to go with. I think it’s important to have a kind ofan understanding of the effort that goes into that because that can be quitea long process.I think there’s 3 types of testing, I think there’s testing to seeif a feature that’s been specced actually labours, and then there’s kind ofuser propriety testing so can the user abuse it? And then the last stage of testing is kind of improving, socan we do this in a better course? Can we move something somewhere elseand people will be participating better or understand what they’re doing? The first two are what you do beforeyou launch, and then the third one is ongoing, you should alwaysbe testing your website. The last stage is launching the website, and I think it’s really important to make sure that you achieveall the goals that you’ve set in your specification, butnot to be over prized about it being perfect. It’s never going tobe perfect, you’ll always going to be able to improve, and you shouldn’t bedelaying something that are likely affect your businessbased on, you know , not being quite right or something not being in fairly the right place, that’s something that canalways be done after launching.You should ever be looking backand seeing how users are engaging with your website ..

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