Video Content Marketing for Mid-Market and Enterprise Tech

Video Content Marketing for Mid-Market and Enterprise Tech When it’s used strategically video content marketing helps companies attract the right mid-market and enterprise technology buyers and other key stakeholders in these accounts from the right places, at the right time, and most of all, in the right context. So that their team members, their team as a whole, the company, and their brand are seen as the go-to subject matter experts among their most important IT stakeholders. Although many skeptics and cynics might downplay its importance, video content marketing gives companies big leverage with these kinds of content assets — and the videos educate and build trust at scale, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They never need a day off. They never get into scuffles with anyone from the office. Never get sick.

And they’re always around at scale. When a company is planning to use its video marketing as a strategic part of its growth engine, the content really should be planned and created intentionally. What do I mean by intentionally? Each one of your videos should support a specific buyer persona, a specific stage in the buyer’s journey, whether it’s awareness, consideration or decision, as well as a specific conversion goal, generally known as a call to action (CTA). How are you currently using content in your video marketing? Let me know in the comments section down below. And while you’re looking down below in your YouTube video, make sure that you take a moment to subscribe to this channel and ring the Bell so you can be notified when new content just like this becomes available.

Oh, one more thing. If you’re looking for any assistance, on a one-on-one basis with improving how you use video content marketing, feel free to look me up on LinkedIn. Send me a quick note about what you’re looking for. help with. We may be able to work together. I’m Joshua Feinberg from SP Home Run. And I wish you and your team, company, and brand great success in using video content marketing as a really important part of your company’s growth engine..

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