Why Video Marketing is Taking Over

Why video marketing is taking over. Video
marketing has risen to the forefront as one of the most innovative ways to
boost your company’s brand to target consumers. In fact US digital video and ad spending
has nearly doubled to 8.03 billion dollars since 2013. By the year 2017 internet video traffic
will amount to sixty-nine percent of all consumer Internet traffic, a 12 percent increase in 2012. Businesses
are spending their dollars on creating online videos for everything from tutorials and how to’s,
product trailers and executive profiles. Popular social web sites such as YouTube,
Facebook and Twitter achieve this through video sharing
capabilities, which helped increase engagement rates and attract up to three
times as many users a month. Together these sites contribute to a 157
percent increase in organic traffic from search
engines. Video marketing is an essential tool to showcase your
company’s services in a fun and easy way without compromising your
overall message.

Contact Clicc Media today for
consultation to learn how we can help expand your
brand via video marketing..

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