Digital Marketing for Restaurants: Video Marketing

Digital Marketing for Restaurants: Video Marketing

Hello restaurant owners, viral video is the
fastest way to improve your branding and sales.   The strategy that I’ll be sharing
with you today is the exact method   that my client with a small candy
shop has used to grow his unknown   brand into the most recognizable
brand with just one viral video.   My name is Srinath I’m a trainer and consultant
for restaurants for 15 years now in the last 7   years I’ve helped more than 50 restaurants
do a profitable startup. Videos on Facebook,   Instagram and Twitter get 7 to 10 times more hit
than your pictorial posts. Wouldn’t it make a big   difference to your restaurant’s digital marketing
effort if you can start posting consistent videos?   let us see how to make your videos go viral
but before that, we all need to understand the   difference between an influencer viral video
and a restaurant viral video.

Point number 1; you don’t need one million hits for your videos to
go viral. you’re only targeting people in your own city. Point number 2: you don’t even need to be
on youtube to go viral if your restaurant videos   are trending in local WhatsApp group and local
Facebook groups, you have your restaurants first viral video. Point number 3; unlike an influencer
video, your viral video need not make people laugh   or smile their primary aim is to get you more
sales and orders. Watch this video till the end   because I’ll be sharing a secret strategy
that very few people know in our industry.   Here are 5 ways to create a viral video. Step
number 1: Choose a hero dish for your restaurant a   hero dish is a product that is unique only to your
restaurant; a 24-inch pizza, a Bahubali thali,   fire pan, gold dosas are all examples of hero
products. Step number 2: Hire a celebrity to   talk about your product in an interesting manner.
People believe in third party endorsements. If you   talk of your own product it sounds like an ad.
Step number 3: make short videos. One to two   minutes is the best. People on social media do not
watch long videos.

Digital Marketing for Restaurants: Video Marketing

Unlike music videos, long food   videos never go viral. Step number 4: add oomph
to your video by adding peppy music. Music gives   mood to your videos and makes sure that people
watch them till the end of your video. Here is a   secret I said i’ll be sharing with you. But before
that, if you like what you’re hearing do subscribe   to my channel by clicking the share button to
my left. Point number 5: The secret is videos   don’t go viral by themselves they need a push at
the beginning you can give this initial trust to   your videos by hiring social media influencers
to promote it on their social media channels.   You can now sit back and enjoy orders pouring
in for your new hero product. let’s quickly look   at the 5 steps to create a viral video. Number 1-
choose a hero product.

Number 2 – Hire a celebrity   to talk about your video in an exciting manner.
3- Make short and sweet videos. 4- add peppy music   to your videos and 5 – Promote your viral videos
through social media influencers. If you like what   you learned today, do explore my channel even
more. This is Srinath, a friend and consultant   to independent restaurant owners, see you all
soon with my next video on restaurant marketing.

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