From Boring to Brilliant A B2B Content Marketing Case Study

From Boring to Brilliant A B2B Content Marketing Case Study

– Last week, I gave you a
simple, three ingredient recipe for creating content that has the power to inspire your audience,
to buy almost anything. Yes, anything. Even hamburgers from a guy who
knows nothing about cooking. (chewing noise) Well, over the weekend,
I received an email from someone who decided to unsubscribe because of that video. Here’s basically what he said. Yo, it’s me, Tony. I’m unsubscribing. You wanna know why? Because that video, I’m a B2B marketer, and that last video in your Loyalty Loop, man, that was crazy. The notion that some guy with like 60 million followers
on YouTube or whatever has anything to do with me
with this viral video sponsor you know, that’s seven minutes of my life I ain’t getting back.

Oh well, Tony, I’m sorry,
not sorry, to see you go. But for the benefit of the
thousands of other subscribers, I figured I’d prove my
point by showing you someone who’s followed my simple rules to build a $10 million a year B2B business. And I consider what she
sells pretty boring (laughs). (upbeat music) Yeah, you know what’s boring? Boxes. Well, I think they’re
boring, but what do I know? This is Jesse Genet. And she’s the co-founder and
CEO of a company called Lumi. Yeah, cool name, right? Lumi helps anyone who sells a product source packaging easier than ever before. – [Man] If you’ve
ordered packaging before, you probably know how complicated supply chain management can be. Lumi makes it easy to find and work with the world’s best
packaging manufacturers. – Hey, Tony, is this B2B enough for you? Eh, not bad. It’s B2B and yeah, it
sounds pretty boring. Good, now let’s break
down Jesse’s approach to building an audience that
will sign up to her service using my simple three
ingredient recipe for success.

Ingredient number three, your content must be powered by a person. Your talent, check, yeah, check mark. Jesse is fantastic on camera. She’s got charisma and charm. She’s smart and knowledgeable. She’s trustworthy. In short, Jesse is awesome. Okay, ingredient number two. Yeah, a hook. Your content must have a simple twist on a familiar theme designed to ensnare or entrap your audience. A hook makes your content
worth subscribing to and a subscription is
what builds a relationship with the audience. So does Jesse’s content have a hook? A-ha! Yes it does. – I’m Jesse Genet, and you’re watching Unboxing Things a show where we unbox brands, but only talk about their
packaging because that’s fun. Let’s see what I have in
my mailbox today for us. (gasps) We have Native! – See that? She’s thinking like a
television executive. She’s created a show
called Unboxing Things.

Now, in case you didn’t know, one of the hottest categories
of videos on YouTube are unboxing videos. Basically, it’s just like regular people opening their packages and
showing viewers what’s inside. What’s her simple twist
on the unboxing video? She’s not going to talk
about what’s inside. She’s going to talk about the packaging. Awesome twist on a familiar theme. So she’s got ingredient
number three, talent. She’s attached talented to her content. And ingredient number
two, she’s got a hook. What about the first ingredient? Make an appointment with your audience. Jesse’s done that too. Three years ago, she and her team started uploading an
episode of Unboxing Things every single Thursday. And she’s stuck with it.

From Boring to Brilliant A B2B Content Marketing Case Study

Even during the pandemic,
Jesse did her videos from home. And they rock. Remember, content builds relationships, relationships build trust, and
trust is what drives revenue. So, does the Unboxing
Things show drive revenue? Yeah, dug’d it. Well, Tony, I reached out to
Jesse on Twitter and LinkedIn and asked, but she hasn’t responded yet. So while we wait for her to
respond, here’s what I do know.

Lumi’s YouTube channel has
over 35,000 subscribers. Yes, 35,000. For a B2B brand, I’d say
that’s tremendously successful. And I’m gonna make an assumption here. If Unboxing Things wasn’t
helping drive revenue for Jesse’s $10 million startup, I believe she would have stopped doing the videos long, long ago. So there we have it. One B2B CEO following the simple content recipe for success to transform something boring
into something brilliant. Way to go, Jesse Genet. You rock. I’m gonna be honest with you,
that’s pretty compelling.

I’m gonna think about resubscribing. Just maybe, maybe I’m
a think about it, okay? All right, Tony, maybe I’ll
see you in next week’s episode of the Loyalty Loop. I’m gonna show you how one brand transformed their customer
service by scaling camaraderie. In the meantime, I’ll see
you in my Loyalty Loop. Or not. Tony, don’t come back. No big deal. All right. Unbox this right now (laughs). It’s me, Tony..

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