How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business — 3 Video Marketing Tips

How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business — 3 Video Marketing Tips

So how can you use YouTube
to promote your business? In this video I have three
video marketing tips, plus case studies, so that you can start
growing your business right now with YouTube. Coming up. (camera clicking) Hey what's up? Sean here with Big Media Bringing the best tips and tools for building your influence
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So recent stats reveal that YouTube has over 1.5 billion monthly active users watching over an hour of content per day. So what does that mean for us? That means that your target audience and potential customers are definitely paying attention and active on YouTube. But the question is how do you reach them? And more importantly how do you position your
videos and your content to actually get discovered so that you can ultimately
grow your business? So right now we're gonna cut over to a training that I recently did, specifically talking about the three ways videos get discovered here on YouTube with some cool case studies and some actionable strategies that you can apply right now. So let's cut over to the training. Now let's talk about
mastering the YouTube machine. And so let me know if you've
ever seen this movie before. What movie is this from? Let me know in the comments section. Can you guess it? I think we all know this movie. This is the Matrix right? And that's Morpheus giving Neo a choice between the red pill and the blue pill.

Right? And so, if you remember the red pill was embrace, you know, the sometimes painful truth of reality. The blue pill was remain in the blissful
ignorance of illusion. Here's the problem. If you keep watching this webinar you can no longer remain
in blissful ignorance about the YouTube machine. What you're about to see is so powerful, it'll blow your mind, right? But you won't be able to go back, right? It's kind of like nobody can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. The YouTube Machine right? There is this machine behind YouTube that's generating everything. When you master the machine you master YouTube, right? And so here's our question. How do people actually discover videos on YouTube? Well we already touched on this but let's actually break this down a little more practically.

I'm gonna give you three different ways and there's more than that, but I'm gonna give you three. Number one is YouTube search. So let's talk about this in let's say, the Network Marketing niche. So how do you recruit
people in network marketing? It's something that a new
person in network marketing that's trying to build their team would probably search for right? So, someone types that in you're gonna see a video from Darin who's actually a member of our advanced trainings. And his video ranks number one. As a result, and there's a couple things here.

First of all, you're seeing all this crazy data, right? What is all that? That's actually a free tool, I'll tell you more about it in a second. You can get this same bar right here with all this data. A couple things we learn. Number one, these blue numbers here are the tags that this video's currently ranking for. So it ranks number one for like network marketing tips, how to recruit people, recruiting and network marketing, right? The other thing I want you to see here, is this is how many views this
video is getting per hour.

So it's getting 12.3 views per hour. Now on YouTube we call that velocity and this when you tap into the free the YouTube machine. Now here's that cool tool. Two things. Number one, it's called vidIQ. Number two, to get that data, you have to install the
Google Chrome Extension. Now the free version you can grab it, you can go to if you actually wanna get 30 days of a paid plan. But the free version is
enough to get you started.

The paid plan, just one tier up, gives you some added
features to check out. But if you just wanna try that out free it's at That's called, that's where you get all that data. But let's break down this video. So number one, he gives a call to action. So as we're talking about this, how do you use YouTube for business you take the conversation off YouTube. So after that video, he is then asking people saying "Hey if you want more value, "I actually have an ebook "that can help you. "You can download it for free." And he builds his email list. This video though is also, because it's getting 12
views an hour crushing, is also getting
subscribers to his channel. Well that of course helps him reach more people in the future.

YouTube subscriber's
definitely a goal, right? You can see it's got this
continuous growth curve. Why? The machine's at work. The machine is working in Darin's favor so the video just keeps getting views. And those numbers add up
to about 302 views per day, 9300 views per month, 110,000 views per year
at this current rate. And he's getting hundreds
of email opt-ins per month. Pretty cool right? Tapping into the power of YouTube search. So I have to say, you are just one ranked video away from the next level in your business, and the next level on YouTube.

How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Business — 3 Video Marketing Tips

Let me think about that, just one video like Darin's, by the way, not all of his videos that he's done according to
some of these strategies, have worked. But because he was
committed to the strategies just one blew his business up. Multiple have ranked. Some just did okay and
added value to his audience. You're gonna win on every
single one of those levels as you commit to doing this, but don't forget, you are just one ranked video away from the next level in your business. But this machine goes deeper friends. It goes much deeper. The machine also works
for suggested videos. So what are suggested videos? Well on desktop they're kind of over on the right side. It'll say like it'll
recommend other videos. On mobile they're like below. But there are also other places. When a video ends YouTube suggests some videos. There's also suggested
videos on the homepage. Just different places where YouTube is promoting and pushing videos. So if you heard me just there, YouTube is promoting and pushing videos.

The machine is on your side. Robots are going to work for you if you master this right? And so the cool thing here is that Darin's actually showing up in his own suggested videos which is actually a lot
harder than you think. A lot of times they'll be your videos but then they'll recommend
other people's stuff. So the reason this is good is because you want to keep people binging your content on YouTube. If you're taking notes write that down. A goal is to keep people
binging content on YouTube. So, make sure to create video series so you can dominate your
own suggested videos. Rather than thinking one off video, think about in clusters
of three or five videos. You know in his case it's like, okay well how do you grow your
network marketing business. Well then, how do you set
goals in network marketing? How do you grow your team
in network marketing? So it's different topics, but you can imagine, someone who's in that they wanna learn that stuff, one after one after one after one YouTube.

That's how the machine
starts to really reward you. If you're creating series and getting people to binge your content. But here's another example how
suggested videos could work. Here's a Shopify video. The Shopify YouTube channel of how to use Instagram for business. Now if you look over here in the suggested videos, you'll see my friend
Chalene Johnson down there. Her video is being suggested. This video is how to use
Instagram for business as well, by the way, it's okay if other people
are doing what you're doing. You can do it too. The world's a big place. 1.5 billion people using
YouTube's a lot of people. And so that video's getting 14.7 views and this is a video that we
actually worked on together as far as using these strategies right? And then that video adds some value and then it leads to a free checklist and ultimately to a course
that she has on Instagram.

So you can see that getting into suggested videos is huge. In fact, getting into suggested videos is like jet fuel for
your brand on YouTube. So this is actually a screen shot of my current traffic sources on Think Media. So YouTube search is crushing, right? 29% That's a lot of views. But suggested videos is actually higher. 37% So a total of 66% of our views come from search and suggested videos. And then number three, Google Search. Google Search additionally because, and this is not new news, but Google is the parent
company of YouTube. Google owns YouTube. So naturally Google is
going to favor YouTube. They one, they wanna promote their own stuff. So as a result, you can actually see in my stats here, that Google Search is
driving around 32,000 views to my content a month. 32,000! So that's even another source tapping into the machine of search and suggested. And you know Forrester
did a study that said pages with video are 53 times more likely to rank on the first
page of Google Search.

So Google search engines
prioritize video results and maybe you already have a blog or a website. Definitely be embedding YouTube videos on your blog and your website to get more traffic to your blog in awareness to your content overall. So we already saw this right? This 1800 views every 60 minutes and we didn't even go into
all the different areas that the machine works in. But this is the machine at work, right? That is robots working on your behalf distributing your videos. If you master the machine then you can really master YouTube. But I also, you might be like, "Okay well that's great for you. "Like, whatever dude.

"I mean that took you
awhile to build I'm sure." It did. But imagine not 1800
views every 60 minutes, imagine just having like ten high quality leads and prospects discovering you every day. Very practical. Like imagine just ten people. Which is a lot right? If you've been in business for a while. If you've ever had to go door-to-door, I've done that before. If you've ever had to cold call people, I've done that. Just making ten calls is exhausting.

But you're getting in front
of ten high quality leads with strategic videos, imagine what that could
do for your business. It's very powerful. Alright, so I hope that you
found those tips helpful. And actually that was just a small part of an entire master class that I did for how to 10X your business with YouTube. So if you actually wanna
check out the replay of that for a limited time, just go to, or there's a link in the description below as well.

Question of the Day! Do you think that YouTube is a good place for promoting and building your business and do you have any tips that you're using YouTube for when it comes to business? Let me know in the comments section below and remember that some of
the best tips and feedback come from you, the Think Media community. So definitely connect with everybody in the comments section. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. And if you wanna check out the 10X Your Business With YouTube webinar, just click or tap the screen right there. If you wanna check out another
video from Think Media, just click or tap the screen right there. Until next time, Think Media's bringing you
the best tips and tools for building your influence
with online video. Keep crushing it and we will talk soon..

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