Video Marketing Made Simple: Video Testimonials

– Excuse me, it’s early. (bottle popping) (gulping drink) A bit more hand sanitizing. (hands rubbing) (gulping drink) (hands clapping) (gulping drink) (hands rubbing) (inhales heavily) (gulping drink) Still really early. (upbeat music) Five reasons why you definitely
need testimonial videos. Testimonial videos have
quite an odd characteristic in a sense that you can
slice and dice and chop and reuse them pretty much
over all of your videos. So you can repurpose them any way you want and distribute them any way you want. They’ve got great authority to be a standalone on a Facebook ad or to use in your product video. And extended video
testimonials can even be used as like a short documentary piece. I’m going to go over five
additional superpowers of testimonial.

Number one, it builds rapport. Testimonials have a great
ability to build rapport between you and your viewers. It’s a great way for your viewer to build a personal connection with you. When they hear you
speak about your product especially if you come
across relatable and genuine. None of my videos do. Number two, offer social proof. When you show a viewer a testimonial video it offers some proof that
they can get positive results from your service or product. It makes sense someone
else has already used it or you paid them to say this. Its validating the benefits of
using whatever you’re selling which makes it much more persuasive than typical sales copy videos. Because it’s backed up by real people using your product or service
which is more relatable because people will aspire to have that.

Think of testimonials as
evidential proof of your product. Number three, brag indirectly. I just tend to brag directly. So one thing that people
absolutely hate to see on social media is sales pitches. Social media is mostly cold traffic and those people do not want
to hear about your sales copy. But they don’t mind hearing testimonials. As long as they’re
relatively short, you know 15 to 40 seconds, try and grab the best bits from the testimonial. Again, this is like
repurposing a bigger piece get something that’s emotional that gets the point across
that viewers can relate to.

So this should be easy if
you’re following a good script and it needs to look and sound cinematic which we’ll go over and next steps. Four, make a video that convert
with little time and money. You could spend a lot of time
and money producing videos or you can spend less
time and money producing one amazing video that will
drive more traffic to your site. Testimonials normally are very
cheap and easy to produce. And the last one is
testimonials are so good because you can use it
across any platform. So you can use it in email
campaigns, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, you know across
any platform they work well.

Joey says that a Swiss
army knife of video. So you can start with a
longer testimonial piece. These are often called like case studies. But you’ll have the intention
to splice the dice up, to distribute for smaller
videos on different platforms. There’s a rough guide here
detailing the link for the video based on the platform you
put out, this is what works. These are the metrics that we’ve
seen that work really well. So with Facebook, it tends
to be like 15 to 40 seconds. There’s a bit leeway but it shouldn’t really be
any more than two minutes. Twitter does anyone use Twitter still? 30 seconds or less hit them hard. Instagram, 30 seconds. Up to a minute, shouldn’t
really be any longer. But that also that’s
changing on a daily basis. You can go at igTV now people stick stuff up to like
10-30 minutes up on there but it tends to be like
really quick viewing. Like when you’re on a toilet, when you’re scrolling
at lunchtime, you know? Waiting for a bus or whatever ideally it needs to be shorter
clips that people can just scroll through, you
know, disposable stuff.

And with YouTube, it can
be as long as it takes to get a point across. I
tend to go on a little bit. So maybe I spent too long
getting my point across. Videos tip, testimonials
from satisfied clients and customers is a great
way to show what you do. However, it can take some
planning to include them. If you want to use testimonials, the best thing to do is to
reach out to clients early in the pre-production stage. Not everyone’s schedule is
going to line up with yours. So you need to have a
little bit forward planning, it will help reach out to more people. You might not use everyone’s,
but you’ve got more options.

Video Marketing Made Simple: Video Testimonials

Also, not everyone is
comfortable on camera myself included some
make sure you ask them before you shoot in your video/audio. They might just want to
give you a written piece which you can use, the videos
platform to demonstrate with a text overlay. Three reasons to make a product video. A product video briefly
reveals how to use your product demonstrates who it’s for, and shows how it benefits the customers.

Product videos differ from
tutorials and explainer videos in the way that they’re intended for more cold to warm traffic. That means they tend to
be shorter and can quickly explain how the product
solves the user problem. Everyone should make one of these even if they’re not
selling a physical product. If you’re selling a service
is just as important to demonstrate how your
service benefits someone else. These videos serve your
business in a number of ways, adding videos to your product description easily helps you stand out online. When every brand is
competing for attention it’s more critical than ever
to have a video that looks cool and helps you stand out in
a unique and compelling way. Fun fact, according to a survey more than 1000 participants,
73% of all US adults despite everywhere, 73% of
all US adults, more likely to buy a product or service
after watching a video.

So you can imagine how
a 73% conversion rate can help your business. So one reason that product
videos are great for conversion is that they give the
viewer a firsthand look at what you’re selling. You can create a virtual try
before you buy experience this way they’re less
likely to send it back because they already have a good idea of what a product and service is, right? If you think about how many times you’ve purchased something
online that doesn’t have a video and when it gets sent to you, you send it back cause it’s
not what you thought it was. I mean, I do that with
t-shirts all the time. Headphones, (beep) I
bought so many headphones. So product videos are yet another way to build trust with your audience. Like with the headphones I’ve sent back, there’s so many companies out there making knockoff products and services. It’s hard to choose legit one.

One way that we tend to evaluate
if a company is legitimate or not or trustworthy is
to see if their product has a product video so
no video or even worse, a crappy video it kind of
signals to your audience that it’s cheap and dishonest. In fact, 58% of consumers consider brands who have product videos
to be more trustworthy. Videos tip, product videos
should always be based on one specific feature that
aims to solve a problem. This is Joey’s words and I
can already hear you saying but Joey, my widget has
five different features.

You know, your product might be cool and it might have five, 10 features. The audience generally just want to know that it solves a problem. Highlight just one feature
there, achieve that goal. (upbeat music).

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