Content Marketing — Green Group Studio

One of the interesting things about Content Marketing… you need to provide a solution to people. While it may be a rudimentary subject for you, other people have questions about it, and they need to find it, and they’re going to look online. And you might as well have them find it from you. ‘Cause […]

How to design a simple website in Adobe Xd for beginners

Hi, my word is Reno and welcome onLivingWithPixels. Today, we’re going todive into Adobe Xd. So, if you’re interestedin hear Adobe Xd you want to get into theworld of network blueprint, but you’ve neverused appropriate tools and you know that thisis the right tool to create websitesbecause it is, then this video is for you. […]

Video Marketing Made Simple: Video Testimonials

– Excuse me, it’s early. (bottle popping) (gulping drink) A bit more hand sanitizing. (hands rubbing) (gulping drink) (hands clapping) (gulping drink) (hands rubbing) (inhales heavily) (gulping drink) Still really early. (upbeat music) Five reasons why you definitely need testimonial videos. Testimonial videos have quite an odd characteristic in a sense that you can slice […]

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