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how do you plan your video marketing serie there are three key questions we need to answer let’s go through them now the question is what are you going to make videos about and in order to answer that question you’ve got to think about what you’re passionate about find your passion in addition to passion we need to find purpose for our videos that is what purpose for will they serve your audience if we’re not providing value for entertainment knowledge or insight then we’re unlikely to find a sustainable audience so what is your passion and what is the connected purpose and therefore what is the value that you can provide what is the theme and format of your videos once you’ve found a format and a theme or a series of videos that will support your marketing message and you know that it’s something that you’re sufficiently passionate about and you know that there is purpose and therefore value for your viewers then the final element to planning your video marketing series is what is the phone oh yeah it’s the plan it’s not my plan once you have a series of mine you create a number of episode ideas and then you sketch them out what scenes are going to be involved what characters and you involved what’s the key elements of content and once you’ve got that plan you’re ready to go and produce

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