2 Tips To make your CONTENT MARKETING Successful

2 Tips To make your CONTENT MARKETING Successful

why don’t you tell someone out there
let’s say that they’re starting up their social media channel they’re they’re
maybe they’re opening up a blog they’re they’re trying to do some facebook ads
and put some content behind it what’s some advice you can give to
beginners out there to really take their content to the next level um
i would say from a business perspective if you are
starting like a brick and mortar store or you’re starting up like a
dentist program or something like that anything like that
you want to make sure that you are coming across as a
thought leader you want to be somebody who people see as an expert in your
field so i would make sure that your content
is well researched that you have good um sources
i mean even cross-promotional blogs are really good to kind of get your name out
there um so make sure that all of the content
that you’re putting out is first of all consistent that you’re
putting it out on a regular basis and also that it’s um it’s the leading
edge of the industry that you’re in so make
sure it’s up to date make sure the information is
valid obviously and just put it out as much as you possibly can because
once somebody sees you as a thought leader or an industry leader
you all of a sudden experience this turnaround
where people start coming to you for your
um for your you know your product or whatever you’re offering them
and it’s no longer outbound sales you’re not going out there reaching
for different um you know markets they’re coming to you
saying hey listen like what can you give us that will make our lives easier
what can what products can we get from you because you obviously know
everything there is to know about the industry
so i would definitely say be those two things be on the forefront of the
information and then also make sure that you’re
putting content out um on a consistent basis i love it and it’s
cool because when i first started FreeUp we didn’t really know that much about content and we were kind of like all
right what do we do how do we position it
how consistent is it and now we kind of got into that good place like you said
of being looked at the thought leader
having posted or being consistent and going out
um and yeah it’s been kind of fun to be along that ride even though i’m not the
one directly making all the content Connor handles most of that but just
kind of seeing it develop from nothing and i know a lot of FreeUp
clients have seen that same thing by using workers like yourself inside
the network well and also with FreeUp what’s really
nice too is that you guys offer both sides of it so you offer
content that will help out the remote worker and the freelancer
and also the clients themselves to help pick those remote workers who will be
the best and whatnot so i mean yeah if somebody’s not utilizing
the content that you guys offer on your website you should be
absolutely should be reading the articles on FreeUp.net
well i appreciate it i appreciate your time and i look forward to talking to
you really soon absolutely thanks a bunch nate


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