Digital Marketing for Beginners: 7 Strategies That Work

SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC advertising. Where do you start and how do you use these to get more traffic to your website? If you're a beginner to digital marketing and you want to cut through the noise, then keep watching because I'm going to show you how all of these work based […]

Introducing the B2B Content Marketing Toolkit 2016

hi I'm Claire Trevien and I'm the head of content marketing at Passle and I'm here to tell you about a really exciting event that we're putting together for the 13th of october at WeWork in Moorgate at 6.30pm which is called the B2B Content marketing toolkit 2016. What I've done is I've hand-picked the […]

Czy twój content marketing to marnowanie czasu?

Content marketing is theoretically a way for potential customers to find you and place an order with you, but it's not that simple. You can write a blog, you can record podcasts, you can create a video, but the fact that you publish such free content doesn't mean that your audience will want to buy […]

Six Five Studios – Video-Marketing und Vertrauen

Videos are especially effective when you want to gain the trust of your target audience. Because without trust, no sales can take place. Videos offer the opportunity to identify with the product or service by revealing your corporate culture, your own philosophy or simply your humor. Increased visibility on the market also creates recognition value.. […]

Video Marketing Killed the B2B Stars (Or Did It?)

grown up I was always told I had a face for radio and a voice for print so naturally I decided to make a weekly video show take that haters and lots of b2b brands are doing the same according to a new study by mondo summarised by marketing land a whopping 67% of marketers […]

How to Plan a Marketing Video | Video Marketing Tips

how do you plan your video marketing serie there are three key questions we need to answer let's go through them now the question is what are you going to make videos about and in order to answer that question you've got to think about what you're passionate about find your passion in addition to […]

Video Content Marketing for Mid-Market and Enterprise Tech

Video Content Marketing for Mid-Market and Enterprise Tech When it's used strategically video content marketing helps companies attract the right mid-market and enterprise technology buyers and other key stakeholders in these accounts from the right places, at the right time, and most of all, in the right context. So that their team members, their team […]

Content Marketing — Green Group Studio

One of the interesting things about Content Marketing… you need to provide a solution to people. While it may be a rudimentary subject for you, other people have questions about it, and they need to find it, and they're going to look online. And you might as well have them find it from you. 'Cause […]

From Boring to Brilliant – A B2B Content Marketing Case Study

– Last week, I gave you a simple, three ingredient recipe for creating content that has the power to inspire your audience, to buy almost anything. Yes, anything. Even hamburgers from a guy who knows nothing about cooking. (chewing noise) Well, over the weekend, I received an email from someone who decided to unsubscribe because […]