Video Marketing Course – Module 1 Intro to Video Marketing

okay guys welcome to module one in this 
module our expert will give you a brief   intro to video marketing so get ready to 
take some notes and let's jump right in   there's no question about it videos have 
revolutionized modern marketing and communication   the reason being is that it drives the most 
engagement and boosts the most conversions   moreover the advancement of technology has 
led more and more people particularly the   younger generation to be less interested in 
reading written content instead people prefer the   quick and easy gratification of moving eye catchy 
visuals that being said more and more companies   are integrating videos in their marketing 
campaigns to reach a bigger and wider demographic what are the latest stats about video marketing 
here are a few sixty percent of businesses use   video as a marketing tool thirty two 
percent of businesses use video for sales   68 of marketers say that videos have a 
better roi than google ads sixty one percent   of marketers marked videos as very important or 
extremely important in their marketing strategy   fifty two percent of marketers say that videos 
help them build trust with potential customers   fifty three percent of marketers say 
that video helps them raise awareness   in 2020 marketers spend an average of 
three hundred dollars or less on a video if you're looking to integrate videos into your 
marketing campaigns then you're on the right   track this training will cover three modules in 
module one we'll give you three main reasons why   you should use video marketing module two will 
explain the power of organic videos and ads   finally module 3 will enumerate the most 
popular styles of video production as well   as the tools that you can use why are videos 
such an effective form of marketing strategy   here are three main reasons consumes 
less time living in a fast-paced world   it's no mystery that people are becoming less and 
less interested in reading textual content in fact   more and more people are now finding reading 
somewhat troublesome and time consuming this   applies to literally everything from 
emails to ebooks to blogs and articles   with videos people can digest information in 
an enjoyable way in a shorter amount of time   it's versatile another reason why videos 
are powerful is that it's so versatile   videos have the potential to accommodate 
any learning style making them appealing to   everyone think about it text is just text audio 
is just audio pictures are just pictures but   videos it's a perfect blend of these three 
key ingredients whether you're a visual   textual or auditory learner you'll find videos 
an effective tool for learning and communication faster to produce generally 
it'll be quicker to create simple   talking head videos or slide presentations 
than writing a full article or blog post   in fact if you're a skilled editor or have a 
hired video professional it would be easier to   produce high quality videos in a shorter period 
of time another thing to point out is that video   content requires very minimal proofreading except 
for advanced videos that may need post-production

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